WWE Vintage Collection Report (08/03/08)

WWE Vintage Collection Report: 3rd August 2008
By Shaun Best-Rajah.com Reporter
Hosted by: Mean Gene Okerlund

Welcome aboard. Continuing with the SummerSlam theme, this week’s edition takes a look back at the best bits from the second SummerSlam bonanza, which was held on August 2nd, at the Meadowlands Arena in East Rutherford, New Jersey. We have six matches to look back on so let’s get started. The commentators are Tony Schiavone and Jesse Ventura.

King Duggan & Demolition vs The Twin Towers & Andre The Giant w/Slick & Bobby Heenan
In a major oversight, Okerlund failed to mention that at this point, Hacksaw was dubbed King Duggan. Hacksaw had won the acclaimed title off Haku and would shortly lose it to Randy Savage, who would hold the title until his retirement match with Ultimate Warrior at WrestleMania VII. Now, back to the match in hand. Hacksaw (who has his face painted like the U.S flag) jawjacks with Akeem. All three faces take their turns in pounding Akeem. The Boss Man gets the same treatment, as the faces work over his arm. Ax gets caught in the wrong corner to swing the tide. Andre sits on Ax several times then chokes him with his hands, knee and boot. The Boss Man headbutts Ax then sends him into Akeem’s boot. Akeem Irish whips, Ax avoids a charge and makes the hot tag to Smash. Smash whips the Twin Towers into one another then slams them both, which gets a big pop from the crowd. Andre puts Smash down, Boss Man drops an elbow, Ax breaks up a cover and pulls Boss Man to the outside. Everyone is now in, as Hacksaw breaks up an Akeem cover on Smash. Andre headbutts Hacksaw, as Akeem slams Smash. On the outside, Ax sends Boss Man into the ringpost. Akeem splashes Smash from the second rope. The referee is tied up getting Andre out, so Hacksaw smashes his 2×4 across Akeem and Smash covers for the
1-2-3. The crowd pop big for the unexpected finish and the result stands, despite Andre’s protests. Here Are Your Winners: KING DUGGAN & DEMOLITION. Passable match, which the crowd were really into. Andre wasn’t able to do much as he was in a bad way at this point, which is still sad to see.

The Brain Busters w/Bobby Heenan vs The Hart Foundation (Non Title)
Joined in progress. Blanchard has Anvil in a camel clutch. As Anvil gets up, Blanchard manages to tag out. Anderson takes over with several shots, but Anvil kicks out from a cover with authority, sending Anderson halfway across the ring. The Busters double team Anvil in the corner, before Anvil and Anderson collide in the middle of the ring. Anvil reverses Anderson off the ropes and Bret lends his partner an assist by driving a knee into Anderson’s back. Both men manage to tag out. Bret attacks Blanchard with punches, an Irish whip and backelbow. Bret slams and clotheslines both Busters, before dropkicking Anderson and slamming Blanchard. Bret hits Blanchard with an elbow from the second rope then a suplex. Bret breaks off a cover as he sees Anderson coming. All four men come in. Bret ends up getting whipped into Blanchard, with the latter eating a clothesline. Anvil shoulder tackles Anderson to the outside then goes out after him. Back inside, Bret delivers an inverted atomic drop to Blanchard. Anderson misses a punch on Anvil and hits the ringpost. Bret sends Blanchard off the ropes and catapults Anvil back in, with a nice flying shoulder tackle. Anvil slams Blanchard then powerslams Bret onto him. Bret has the match won. Anvil goes to get the referee away from Heenan, as Anderson comes off the top rope with a double axehandle to Bret. Anderson covers and sneaks out a win for the Busters, to end a terrific match. Here Are Your Winners: THE BRAIN BUSTERS.

Mr Perfect vs The Red Rooster
Both men get in each others face and exchange shoves. Perfect gets a quick side headlock then backs away. Perfect schools Rooster with an armdrag and hiptoss. Perfect mocks Rooster’s strut. Perfect continues with a firemans carry takedown, but gets too close with a second Rooster strut and Rooster slaps him. Rooster talks trash so Perfect knees the gut. A series of exchanges off the ropes results in Rooster nearly reversing a body slam, only to have Perfect fall on top of him for a nearfall. Perfect chops Rooster down then delivers stomps to the head. A standing dropkick sends Rooster out of the ring. Rooster rolls back in to receive some punches. Rooster fights back and rakes the eyes. Rooster throws Perfect through the ropes, but Perfect meets him with several vicious shots to the face. Perfect drives Rooster’s head into the ring apron, then pulls him back in and finishes him off with the Perfect Plex. 1-2-3. A perfect squash and some nice intensity shown by Perfect. Here is Your Winner: MR PERFECT.

Million Dollar Man Ted DiBiase w/Virgil vs Superfly Jimmy Snuka
Snuka has DiBiase begging for mercy. However, a high risk move turns the tide, as DiBiase hangs Snuka up on the top rope. DiBiase goes to work with a suplex, knees to the back, backbreaker and slam. DiBiase misses a blind dive from the second rope and Snuka comes back with some headbutts. Snuka slams and nails a headbutt from the second rope. Snuka doesn’t cover and goes to the top rope, looking to hit his big splash. Sensing trouble, Virgil gets on the apron and he and Snuka tangle on the outside. From behind, DiBiase attacks Snuka with a double axehandle and throws him into the ringpost. DiBiase slides back in and beats the referee’s count to win this one by countout. Here is Your Winner: MILLION DOLLAR MAN TED DIBIASE. Post match, Snuka gets some revenge by hitting DiBiase and Virgil from behind with a flying clothesline. A flying forearm then sends DiBiase out of the ring. Snuka chops Virgil down off the ropes then gives him a backbreaker and the splash from the top rope, to give the crowd their feel good moment. I’d have loved to see DiBiase go over clean here. I was never a fan of the ‘fly.

Honky Tonk Man w/Jimmy Hart vs Dusty Rhodes
Joined in progress, Honky uses several chinlocks to cut off Rhodes and keep him grounded. Rhodes manages a slam but misses an elbow, so Honky goes back to the chinlock. Rhodes gets to the corner and drives some shoulders into Honky’s gut. Honky retaliates with a knee and rake to the face. Honky’s punches revitalise Rhodes, who dances around the ring as he peppers Honky with punches of his own. Rhodes Irish whips, misses a charge and Honky throws Rhodes into the referee. Honky calls for Hart to get him his guitar. Honky holds Rhodes, Hart swings from the apron, Rhodes ducks and Honky takes the full hit. Rhodes drops an elbow onto Honky and gets the duke. 1-2-3. Here is Your Winner: DUSTY RHODES. Worst match on the show so far. Boring and uneventful. Honky’s hilarious post match promo where he thinks he’s Elvis is unfortunately not shown also.

Hulk Hogan & Brutus Beefcake w/Miss Elizabeth vs
Macho Man Randy Savage & Zeus w/Sensational Sherri
In his pre-match notes, Okerlund mistakenly recalls Hogan defeating Savage for the title at WrestleMania IV, when it was really at WrestleMania V. Zeus had co-starred alongside Hogan in the film ‘No Holds Barred’ earlier in the year. Their rivalry spilled onto TV and this was the big matchup. We pick the match up with Hogan getting worked over. First by a Savage chinlock and then by a long Zeus bearhug. (It looked as if Savage was whispering the spots into Zeus’ ears each time he tagged in as he was that green in the ring). Savage comes back in to hang Hogan up on the top rope then spit at Beefcake on the apron. Savage gets a nearfall following a back suplex. An irate Savage disputes the count. Savage misses a running spike attempt at Hogan and gets caught up in the ropes. Hogan dodges some Savage elbows and makes the tag. Beefcake hits Savage with a clothesline and high knee for a nearfall. Beefcake catches Savage in a sleeper, but Savage grabs the hair and runs Beefcake into the corner to escape. Zeus tags in so Beefcake rakes the eyes then tries a sleeper on him. A diversion from Savage leads to the referee keeping Hogan out, which allows Savge to nail Beefcake with Sherri’s loaded purse. Back from commercials, Zeus chokes Beefcake on the mat and in the corner, before dropping him throat first across the top rope. Savage and Beefcake then cancel one another out with simultaneous clotheslines. Beefcake sends Savage away with his feet and tags in Hogan. Hogan wags his finger at Savage before landing punches, an Irish whip, backelbow, (punch to Zeus for good measure), and big boot to Savage. Savage goes to the outside. As Hogan suplexes Savage back in, Sherri hooks Hogan’s leg and Savage falls on top for a nearfall. Savage levels Hogan with a clothesline then tags in Zeus. Savage hasn’t finished though, as he heads up top and nails Hogan with his patented elbow. Savage celebrates but unbeknown to him, Hogan gets right back up, all Hulked up. Hogan sends Savage out of the ring with an atomic drop and we finally get the Hogan/Zeus showdown with the crowd going mad. Hogan staggers Zeus with punches, then knocks him to one knee with a clothesline. Sherri gets on the apron, so Elizabeth pushes her over the top rope and into the ring. Savage grabs the loaded purse and goes to the second rope, but Beefcake pushes him off and Hogan clocks Zeus with the purse, behind the referee’s back. One slam and legdrop later, it’s all over. 1-2-3. Here Are Your Winners: HULK HOGAN & BRUTUS BEEFCAKE. Right after the three count, Hogan catches Sherri before she could hit him with her purse. Hogan stalks her then gives her an atomic drop, which sends Sherri into the waiting Elizabeth, who gives her a slap. At this point, we cut away and don’t get to see Sherri get a large chunk of her hair cut. Once again, great nostalgia and superb workrate from Savage to carry most of the matchup.

Okerlund wraps things up to end the show.

Best match: The Main Event. These were the last golden days of Hulkamania, before everyone (including me) hitched their wagon to the white-hot Ultimate Warrior. After this, I never enjoyed Hogan as much. I thought this bout was better than the Main Event one year earlier.

Worst match: Honky Tonk Man vs Dusty Rhodes.

Show verdict: Thumbs up. Some good action on show and memories replayed to boot. Ventura was a hoot on commentary, calling for fines and suspensions on Hacksaw for his cheating then turning the other cheek when the Brain Busters did the same thing. Classic heel announcer. It was a nice reminder as to why he was my favourite commentator from back in the day. Once again, they did well to fit what they could into a (when you take out commercials) 45 minute show. Other matches on the card, not shown, were Greg Valentine defeating Hercules with Rugged Ronnie Garvin as Ring Announcer: Ultimate Warrior defeating Ravishing Rick Rude for the Intercontinental Title: Rick Martel and The Fabulous Rougeaus defeating Tito Santana and The Rockers. The only modification I’d have made to the show was putting the Rockers match on over the Honky/Rhodes one. See you next week, for what will hopefully be a lookback at SummerSlam 1990. Shaun.

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