WWE To Erase Raw’s ‘This is Your Life’ Segment From History

It hasn’t even been a full 24 hours since the latest episode of Monday Night Raw aired, but WWE is apparently already hoping that the fans will forget about one of the segments from last night’s show. The segment involving Alexa Bliss and Bayley will not be shown or mentioned ever again from this point forward. The segment had Bliss present a ‘This is Your Life’ show for her Extreme Rules opponent Bayley. It was a bizarre segment that saw a fake teacher, friend, and ex-boyfriend of Bayley’s describe her childhood. They each mentioned how Bayley couldn’t be left alone without her father, and the segment ended with the friend and ex-boyfriend professing their love for each other in the ring. It was a mess, and the WWE Universe did not react well to the segment.
Apparently the reaction from officials backstage was not overwhelmingly positive either as WWE is attempting to erase the segment from history. WWE’s YouTube channel has the video up with no mention of ‘This is Your Life’ in the title, and it only plays from the part where Bayley came out to interrupt the segment. They have also deleted every mention of the ‘This is Your Life’ segment from their social media pages. The response from the crowd and from fans watching the show at home was mostly negative, fans either citied that it was offensive or just plain terrible. The segment ended when Bayley came out to silence Alexa Bliss, but Bliss got the upper hand and attacked Bayley with a kendo stick. The two of them are still scheduled to face off for the Raw Women’s Championship in a kendo stick on a pole match at Extreme Rules this Sunday.
The ‘This is Your Life’ skit is certainly not anything new to WWE. It became a staple segment for WWE when one involving Mankind dedicating the segment to The Rock back in 1999 was well-received backstage. The segment from Monday night however, was not quite as lighthearted or entertaining as that one. The skit was just too long, strange, and uncomfortable for audiences, and not even usual fan-favorites like Bliss or Bayley could make it work. In this instance though, WWE would rather have fans forget about the segment from last night’s show entirely, and they will be working hard to make sure that they all do eventually.

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