WWE Stars Who Are Leaving In 2019

It’s difficult to describe 2018. Firstly, in 2018 we saw some incredible matches including stunning debuts. However, the status quo remains unchanged, Brock Lesnar who opened the year as the Universal Champion is set to close the year as the Universal Champion. The same applies to AJ Styles who opened the year holding the WWE Championship and is set to close the year as holding onto his WWE Championship belt. Nonetheless, while there haven’t been any significant changes in 2018, fans can expect big changes in 2019. The big changes mainly pertain to the household names who are set to leave the WWE in 2019.  
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 Kane will officially leave the WWE early next year. On the second of August this year, it was announced that Kane had won at the polls to become the next mayor of Knox County, Tennessee. The last match that Kane had featured in before that announcement was a tag team match which saw Team Hell No (Kane and Daniel Bryan) take on Rowan and Harper in July. Up to today, that tag team match happens to be the last official match Kane has been part of. In an interview, Kane said that it will be difficult for him to balance his work as a mayor and as a wrestler thus he will be taking a break in 2019. At this point, it’s difficult to tell if Kane will make periodic appearances at special events or if this is the end of Kane in pro wrestling.  
Matt Hardy  
Matt Hardy is definitely one of the best wrestlers of his generation. For the second time, Matt Hardy earlier this year said that he will be leaving the WWE at the end of the year. After his first stint in the WWE, Matt Hardy decided to switch to MMA. However, he found the going tough during his time in the MMA and decided to switch back to the WWE. However, his unceremonious departure and his tag teaming with Bray Wyatt made him an unpopular figure with the WWE universe during his second stint. To make the matters worse, Hardy lost a good degree of speed and agility. Considering all these factors, it’s probably the right call to retire for Matt Hardy.  
Brock Lesnar  
Brock Lesnar’s fight against Roman Reigns at SummerSlam is set to become his last match in WWE. While Brock Lesnar himself has not issued a statement confirming or disputing the claims that he is set to leave, the mere fact that he has already signed a pre-contract with the UFC suggest on its own that he is on his way out. There is no way that Brock Lesnar will be able to fight both in UFC and WWE at the same time. More so, the administrators from both brands will not sanction such a move.  

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