WWE SmackDown Live Results (11/13): New WWE Champion Crowned, Major Heel Turn, New Opponent For Rousey, More

WWE Smackdown Results
November 13th, 2018
Report by Matthew Wilkinson for ProWrestling.com

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We kick off with the announcement team announcing that Becky Lynch will not compete at WWE Survivor Series due to a fractured face and a severe concussion after a right hand from Nia Jax.


The WWE Champion appears to officially kick things off to discuss his match with Brock Lesnar. AJ says he has defended his WWE Championship against the best, on every PPV and every live event and has been a workhorse since he arrived in WWE.

He says he has faced dream opponents who have taken him to his limit and nightmare opponents who threatened his family and he has defeated them all… except Brock Lesnar. Styles says he plans on doing more than surviving, but before he can continue Paul Heyman arrives trying to take Greg Hamilton’s microphone.

AJ tells Paul to take the microphone and he happily does. He says he arrived tonight as he told everyone last night that there is no one that Lesnar wants to fight more than AJ Styles. Heyman adds that the reason is that when you think of the greatest in-ring performers in WWE history (he then names some legends), and adds AJ Styles’ name to the list, saying he came this close to being number one, Daniel Bryan.

Heyman says he doesn’t want to claim AJ is a consolation prize but adds it will be an honor and a privilege to have the best seat in the house to see Lesnar against the second best in-ring WWE performer, AJ Styles. The champion says he sees what he is doing, but says he has nothing but respect for Daniel Bryan. But also reminds him that he didn’t just beat Bryan, he tapped him out.

AJ said that Brock might have walked out with a victory, but he didn’t walk, he limped out with the win. AJ says since then he has gotten better at tapping people out whilst Brock Lesnar has become more vulnerable to tapping out. AJ states that Sunday will not be about Brock Lesnar or Daniel Bryan, but AJ Styles.

However, after being mentioned so many times, Daniel Bryan makes his way out to the ring. Bryan says he isn’t sure why they are talking about him and he says he respects AJ, but he says he told him he had been looking for a reason to punch him in the face and he meant that. Bryan says that if AJ mentions his name without reason again he will do just that.

AJ says Paul Heyman brought up his name, not him. AJ said he thought they were all good after their match. AJ asks if he can’t tell people the best technical wrestler he faced was Daniel Bryan and Bryan flips out and the two men instantly begin brawling with WWE officials pulling them apart.


Back in Paige’s office the brawl and argument between AJ Styles and Daniel Bryan continueS and Shane McMahon announces that it is on the line…TONIGHT!

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The former NXT Champion starts the first official match of the night on fire, taking the fight immediately to Jeff Hardy, rocking him with chops until Hardy manages a jawbreaker and goes to throw him out of the ropes as Almas instead rocks his tranquilo pose…until Hardy boots him out of the ring.

Back from commercial and Hardy continues to take control but Almas quickly turns things around with a double stomp from the top rope but the WWE veteran manages to kick out. Almas follows that up with his huge running knees into the corner but then gets caught with a small package although Andrade kicks out and then levels Hardy with a kick.

Hardy then quickly looks for the Twist Of Fate but Andrade reverses again, catching Jeff with his spinning elbow although Hardy finally hits the Twist Of Fate and follows it up with the Swanton Bomb and this one is over!

Winner: Jeff Hardy

Following the match, Paige is shown backstage with The Miz and she reveals that Daniel Bryan is out of the male Survivor Series team and she asks who will be replacing Bryan and it will be… Jeff Hardy. Miz then removes Rey Mysterio from the team but Paige claims if he wants Mysterio off the team, he has to beat him.

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