WWE Slammy Categories & Nominess Announcements (Ongoing)

Here are the nominees for the 2009 WWE Slammy Awards – tonight on a special 3-hour edition of WWE RAW hosted by Dennis Miller:

Tag Team of the Year

* Degeneration X
* Chris Jericho and Big Show
* Legacy
* The Hart Dynasty

“OMG” Moment of the Year:

* Shawn Michaels gives Sweet Chin Music to a little girl in a cafeteria
* Chris Masters’ dancing pecs
* Michael Cole throws up on Chris Jericho
* Santino Marella accidentally pies Vickie Guerrero in the face

“Raw Guest Host of the Year”

* Bob Barker
* Seth Green
* Shaquille O’Neal
* Ozzy and Sharon Osbourne

“Shocker of the Year”

* Batista turns on Rey Mysterio at Bragging Rights
* Randy Orton’s DDT and kiss to Stephanie McMahon
* CM Punk defeats Jeff Hardy to force Hardy out of WWE
* Sheamus puts Mark Cuban through a table

“Breakout Star of the Year”

* Drew McIntyre
* Sheamus
* Abraham Washington
* Yoshi Tatsu

“Extreme Moment of the Year”

* Kofi Kingston Boom Drops Randy Orton through a table at MSG
* Big Show throws John Cena through a huge spotlight at Backlash
* Jeff Hardy dives off a 20 foot ladder at SummerSlam
* Triple H throws Randy Orton through the front window of his house

“Diva of the Year”

* All WWE Divas are nominated

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