WWE Signs Several UK Stars, Update on Possible Weekly Series

WWE introduced fans to the fantastic wrestlers competing in the United Kingdom independent wrestling circuit last year with the introduction of the United Kingdom Championship tournament. Triple H promised during the press conference for the tournament that the company was looking for some of the best UK talent imaginable. Sure enough, stars such as Pete Dunne, Tyler Bate, Trent Seven, Mark Andrews, and Wolfgang have performed in some valuable matches during their time in NXT. According to the Wrestling Observer Newsletter, WWE has now signed Zack Gibson and Joe Coffey to deals similar to what the current UK talents have. Both are expected to start working with WWE soon.
As far as the current United Kingdom stars are concerned, it looks like they will all be sticking around for a while. The same report from the Observer has revealed that several of the United Kingdom wrestlers have just been re-signed by WWE. In fact, the report says that Andrews, Dunne, Wolfgang, Seven, and Bate are referred to as the “Big Five” by WWE, and they are being used to help establish their UK division. The report also says that each of these men have received bigger and better deals than the ones that they each signed last year. This includes their pay being doubled from last year. This all could be a sign that the UK wrestlers will be used more by WWE very soon.
During the press conference for the United Kingdom Championship tournament, Triple H confirmed that the company was hoping to eventually launch a weekly wrestling series from the UK as soon as possible. News on a possible United Kingdom series has remained scarce in recent months, but it seems that the company is still working on launching the series. The Wrestling Observer Newsletter has stated that WWE has been making progress with the new show and they have been scheduling some UK areas for television tapings in December of this year. The plan also reportedly calls for a new training facility to open in the UK and to send British coaches to the Performance Center to have them learn how WWE wants wrestlers to be trained.

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