WWE Signs Bodybuilder/Model, Why Tony Atlas Was Brought In, WWE Hall of Fame

source: Wrestling Observer Newsletter

— As noted earlier, WWE held a talent evaluation camp at Florida Championship Wrestling headquarters last week for potential talents to land a WWE contract, even if they had no prior wrestling experience. Around 40 talents, many with no experience, paid $1,000 each for the evaluation camp where Johnny Ace promised at least one wrestler with no prior wrestling experience would be signed to a WWE contract. Ace made good on his promise as WWE signed a model/bodybuilder type by the name of Matt Walsh. Walsh is apparently this person, a 26-year old from Philadelphia. We have heard nothing on anyone else being signed, so it would appear that he was the only one to pass WWE’s evaluation.

— One of the reasons WWE brought Tony Atlas in was not so much to mentor Mark Henry, but to be a good influence on him on the road. Henry often traveled alone and was said to never be a healthy eater. WWE officials were concerned about his weight because when he gets too heavy, he becomes immobile. Atlas, who is in his early 50s, is in fantastic shape due to his strict training schedule and healthy eating habits. By making Atlas his traveling partner, the feeling is he’ll keep Henry’s weight, eating habits and conditioning under control.

— A number of members of the WWE Hall of Fame started receiving their Hall of Fame rings in recent weeks, including wrestlers such as Hulk Hogan, who was inducted in 2005. Many people employed with the company had already gotten them, but several not under contract to WWE just started receiving them.

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