WWE Royal Rumble Results: Bryan & The Fiend Go To War In Strap Match

The following results are provided by Doug Enriquez for ProWrestling.com as a part of our complete WWE Royal Rumble live coverage.


The fiend makes his entrance and the strap is put on. Bryan starts with kicks to The Fiend and then climbs the turnbuckle to hit right hands on The Fiend. The Fiend fights back, delivering a powerbomb on Bryan from the corner. He starts to hit Bryan with shorts with the strap, then Bryan pushes The Fiend to the outside. Bryan tries for a suicide dive, but The Fiend catches him and throws him into the barricade.

The Fiend continues to annihilate Bryan with the strap, sending him back into the ring. He sets up for Sister Abigail, but Bryan gets out and then delivers a kick! He runs and hits a running knee to the Fiend! He goes for the cover, but The Fiend kicks out at 2!

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Bryan sends The Fiend to the outside and Bryan climbs to the top then dives out onto The Fiend! He starts pummeling The Fiend, but then The Fiend tries to send him into the ring post. Bryan hops up and over and then pulls the strap, driving the Fiend into the ring post.

The Fiend fights back and puts Bryan on the announce table. the Fiend gets on top too, but Bryan hits a low blow on The Fiend! He hits repeated low blows to The Fiend!! The match makes it back to the ring and Bryan starts to hit the Yes Kicks then starts to stomp away on the Fiend! The Fiend looks to be in bad shape, and Bryan looks to go for the running knee! He runs and gets snatched out of the air in a Sister Abigail! He goes for the cover, but Bryan kicks out!

The Fiend puts Bryan on the top rope, but Bryan begins to fight back. The Fiend locks in the Mandible Claw and Bryan does his best to fight out, but he turns it into the Labell Lock! The Fiend fights out and starts to deliver right hands, and the two make it to their feet. The Fiend goes for a clothesline, but Daniel Bryan hits the running knee! He goes for the cover, but The Fiend kicks out again! Both men are down and exhausted, and Bryan slowly gets up….then The Fiend pops up. Bryan turns and starts hitting The Fiend with the strap repeatedly, but the Fiend doesn’t move. The Fiend locks in the mandible claw, chokeslams Bryan, and pins his with the claw still in place. Weird finish to an otherwise awesome match.

Winner AND STILL WWE Universal Champion: The Fiend

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