WWE RAW Results (5/29): Last Stop Before Extreme Rules [ Updated ]

The May 29th edition of WWE RAW is the go-home show for Extreme Rules and airs live from the Bon Secours Wellness Arena in Greenville, SC on the USA Network at 8 PM ET. Keep refreshing this page for live results now in progress!

– This week’s broadcast opens up with a Memorial Day tribute video narrated by John Cena.

– The Miz and Maryse come out to the ring to kick things off. He welcomes us to Miz TV then starts cutting a promo on Dean Ambrose. The Miz then introduces the “future RAW Tag Team Champions” Cesaro and Sheamus. Miz tells Cesaro and Sheamus they’ve been victimized by the fans who don’t realize the greatness that’s in the ring right now. The Miz goes off on a tangent about how he made the Intercontinental Championship mean something and Ambrose ruined it. This brings out IC Champ Dean Ambrose to interrupt. Ambrose comes down to ringside and calls the trio in the ring buttheads, then says it’s time for someone to shut their mouths. Miz points out that there’s three of them and one of him, which brings out The Hardy Boyz. Ambrose and the Hardys clear the ring, and we’ve got a match.

– Dean Ambrose, Matt & Jeff Hardy def. The Miz, Sheamus & Cesaro: Sheamus and Cesaro work over Matt Hardy early on, with Sheamus hitting the 10 Beats of the Baron, and Cesaro hitting a flying elbow drop. Cesaro knocks Jeff off the apron, then Matt drops Cesaro and tags in Ambrose. Ambrose lays out Cesaro then hits a suicide plancha onto Miz at ringside. Back in the ring, Ambrose goes for the Dirty Deeds on Cesaro but Cesaro fights out. Sheamus tags in and misses a big boot, leading to Ambrose clotheslining him outside. Ambrose goes for a suicide dive but Cesaro grabs him. Jeff and Cesaro brawl at ringside while Sheamus and Ambrose fight in the ring. Miz distracts Ambrose which leads to Sheamus kneeing Ambrose in the face. Miz tags in and hits several kicks on Ambrose for a two count. Sheamus tags in and hits a double-team White Noise with Cesaro on Ambrose for a two count. Sheamus goes for the White Noise off the middle rope, but Ambrose fights him off then hits a flying elbow. Jeff and Miz tag in and Jeff hits an inverted atomic drop then a leg drop. Jeff goes for the Twist of Fate but Miz fights out. Matt tags in and Jeff hits the Poetry In Motion on Miz in the corner. A series of run-ins from the apron leads to Matt hitting a swinging neckbreaker on Miz, then tagging in Jeff for the Swanton Bomb for the win.

– After the match, we go to the announce table with Michael Cole, Booker T and Corey Graves. Graves looking down at his cell phone, then he gets up and abruptly excuses himself. After a commercial break, we see Graves hand Angle his cell phone. Angle says if what’s on Graves’ phone is true, it could ruin him (him being Angle.)

– Elias Samson def. Zac Evans: Samson no-sells chops from Evans then pummels on Evans. He throws the jobber — err, Evans — into the turnbuckle, then slams his head into the ring apron a few times. Samson bends Evans’ back around the ring post, then boots him in the head and lands a few more punches. Samson follows up with a swinging neckbreaker for the win after a short squash match. Corey Graves return to the announce desk after the match.

– Samoa Joe is shown backstage watching footage of Finn Balor. An interviewers approaches him and asks him how he prepares for his triple threat match tonight. Joe says he has studied how to injure Finn Balor, then when he begins talking about Bray Wyatt the screen cuts to black then to Wyatt. Wyatt is in a dark room saying Joe is just like all the rest, and he is the unknown to Joe.

– Samoa Joe def. Finn Balor & Bray Wyatt: Wyatt rolls outside early on, and Joe lays into Balor with punches and chops. Balor comes back with a kick to the head of Joe while Bray watches from outside. Joe rolls out and throws Bray in the ring with Finn. Bray and Finn trade blows in the ring until Balor kicks Wyatt in the head for a pin. Joe breaks up the pin and hits several knee strikes on Balor. Joe throws Balor outside then turns his attention to Wyatt. Balor lays out Joe from behind then goes at it with Wyatt. Joe comes back and throws Wyatt outside then chops Balor in the chest. Joe and Balor go up top, then Wyatt sneaks in and we see a powerbomb-superplex combination. Wyatt goes for the Sister Abigail on Finn, but Joe breaks it up and puts Wyatt in the Coquina Clutch. Balor puts the boots to Joe then throws him outside and hits a suicide dive into both Joe and Bray. Back in the ring, Joe and Bray briefly team up to double team Balor. Balor starts to fight back, but Joe shuts him down with a kick and a senton drop. Wyatt turns on Joe and throws him outside, then Balor takes out Wyatt with a Pele Kick. Balor continues laying into Wyatt with strikes before Joe comes back in and decks Finn. Joe takes Wyatt in the corner for a Pele Kick of his own. Balor drops Joe and hits a knee to the head, then a running dropkick on Wyatt. Balor circles the ring and hits another running dropkick on Joe. Balor hits some chops on Joe until Joe comes back with a side suplex. Joe goes for a Coquina Clutch on Balor but Balor gets out and hits a double foot stomp on Joe. Wyatt comes in and Balor drops him and stomps him too. Balor goes for a Sling Blade on Joe, but Joe catches him and throws him with a belly to belly suplex. Wyatt hits the Sister Abigail on Joe, then Balor hits the Sling Blade on Wyatt. Balor dropkicks Wyatt then hits the stomp off the top rope. Right after he hits it, Joe throws Balor into the ring post and pins Wyatt for the win.

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– Seth Rollins does an interview backstage where he says the only person on RAW he’s more familiar with than Samoa Joe is Roman Reigns. Rollins says he owns Reigns and he’s going to send a message tonight.

– Rich Swann and Sasha Banks are shown backstage getting ready to come out to the ring.

– Rich Swann def. Noam Dar: Alicia Fox and Sasha Banks are both at ringside for this one. Dar attacks Swann from behind to kick this one off, then follows up with stomps and several submission holds. Swann starts fighting back and drops Dar with a kick. Swann follows up with a modified hangover legdrop for a two count. Alicia gets on the apron so Sasha drops her. Swann follows up with a Phoenix Splash for the win. Rich and Sasha dance in the ring after the match.

– The Revival does an interview backstage where they deny attacking Enzo Amore last week. We then see Big Cass confronting Corey Graves at the announce table about Graves insinuating Cass was involved in Enzo’s attack. Graves says he doesn’t know, just that Kurt Angle is investigating everything. Cass shakes Graves’ hand then walks off.

– Titus O’Neal def. Kalisto: Before the match, Titus cuts a promo backstage telling Apollo Crews he needs to follow his lead. Crews is at ringside for this one. Kalisto hits a kick to the head early on, but Titus hits Kalisto down. Kalisto fires up and hits a headscissor takedown and some strikes. Kalisto tries to roll up Titus, but Titus rolls him up instead and pins him while grabbing his tights. Crews points out that Titus cheated after the match, but Titus says that’s what it takes to win.

– Alexa Bliss is in the ring to talk about her Kendo Stick On A Pole match against Bayley on Sunday at Extreme Rules. Alexa has a table and some people in the ring with her, to present “Bayley: This Is Your Life.” Alexa talks to Bayley’s 4th grade teacher, who says Bayley’s dad sat next to her in class because she would cry without him. Alexa then talks to Bayley’s former best friend, who says they stopped being friends because Bayley always wanted to watch RAW or SmackDown instead of hanging out with her.

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Bliss came out for the “This is Your Life, Bayley” segment. There were three people in the ring with her along with various artifacts from Bayley’s past. Bliss said people couldn’t imagine Bayley in a match where a kendo strick was legal. As the goddess in the WWE, Bliss said she had to dig deep into Bayley’s past. Bliss pulled out Bayley’s first-ever doll that she’s had since she was 2 years…then Bliss stopped herself and said Bayley still plays with this one. She pulled out a trophy and said it was a sportsmanship trophy, laughing how she must have really won some scholarships with that one. Bliss found Bayley’s yearbook, where she claimed Bayley was voted most likely to apologize.

Crowd was already bored with this and they hadn’t even started doing the interviews with people from “Bayley’s past.” Bliss introduced Bayley’s 4th grade teacher Mrs. Flapper, who said Bayley always sat in the front row in class right next to her father. Mrs. Flapper said Bayley couldn’t be away from her father very long or else she would start to cry. Bliss introduced Bayley’s ex-best friend Tracy Havalina. Tracy said Bayley was her best friend, but Bayley did other people’s homework and they were best friends until Bayley wanted to watch Monday Night Raw instead of hanging out with her at the mall. Crowd was hating this.

Next up was Bayley’s ex-boyfriend Phil Johnson, who said Bayley was a very nice girl. Bliss wanted to know what was it like on Bayley’s first date. Johnson claimed Bayley brought her father everytime they were on dates. Crowd started chanting “delete.” Johnson said he leaned in to kiss Bayley one night, but he almost kissed her father instead. Johnson said he only dated Bayley because he wanted to get closer to Tracy, who acted like she didn’t know that. Then Phil and Tracy started making out. Booker muttered “This is hard to watch.”

Bayley finally came out, double legged Bliss and hit her with punches. Bliss scored a right hand, but Bayley hit a back suplex. Bayley cleaned off the table with her trophies and yearbooks on it, then went for the Kendo Stick on a pole. She started to climb up, but Bliss knocked her down, and Bayley’s ribs came down across the top rope. Bliss pulled out a kendo stick from under the table and hit Bayley with it across the back again. Remember the great Festival of Friendship angle? This was the polar opposite. Then Cole had to deliever a pitch for a 30-day free membership to the WWE Network.

They advertised a Table for 3 with Jim Cornette, Eric Bischoff and Michael Hayes.

Backstage, Amore was laid out again. Cass ran up and checked on him. Angle walked in. Cass said it was the Revival who took out Amore again. Angle said it couldn’t have been the Revival because he saw them leave the building. Cass said he was never leaving Enzo’s side again and helped him up.

Austin Aries and Jack Gallagher defeated Neville and TJP by submission (12:35)

TJP tripped Austin Aries as Aries attempted the Discus Fivearm. Jack Gallagher went after TJP as Aries backdropped Neville to the floor. Aries wiped out all three men with a tope, but started selling his left knee, which was taped up. Aries missed a missle dropkick, but Neville missed a Phoenix Splash off the second rope. Aries put Neville in the Last Chancery and Neville tapped out. Neville looked stunned as Aries kept making tapping motions to him, saying he would make Neville tap again on Sunday in their submission match.

In the back, Reigns did an interview with Rome. Reigns said there isn’t a man on this Earth that owns him and the only thing he’s concerned with tonight is proving he is the big dog and showing everyone this is his yard.

Caruso interviewed Neville backstage. She asked him if losing by submission to Aries for the first time since joining the cruiserweight division concerned him. He marched away in disgust.

There was another Goldust vignette where he said we all go a little mad soemtimes. It takes a while before you reach that moment where you snap, the breaking point. Now, he’s back in the director’s chair. R-Truth knew that Goldust was too big for a supporting role. Goldust said Truth held him back and Truth wanted the spotlight all to himself. Soon, he will put an end to all that because their motion picture will reach their final crescendo. Their ending won’t be happy, it won’t be sad, it will be golden. Goldust said the Golden age is back.

Then a Truth vignette popped up from “Truth Be Told Productions.” Like Goldust, Truth was sitting in a director’s chair looking over the shoulder to the camera. He started with the famed line “I’m sorry, Did I break your concentration?” Truth said he loved going to the movies when he was young because it served as an escape for him. He took a lot of inspiration from Shaft and Jules Winfield. He quoted some more from Jules from Pulp Fiction. In a serious tone, Truth said Goldust was going to get got.

Roman Reigns defeated Seth Rollins (18:14)

Reigns hit the drive-by, driving Rollins’ ribs into the post. Reigns made some heel-like facials after scoring big moves early. Reigns controlled for several minutes, then attempted the Superman punch, but Rollins caught a side kick to the ribs and a sling blade. Rollins tried the Falcoln Arrow, but his ribs were too sore. Rollins had a mistimed dropkick and a tope. Rollins did a springboard right into a Superman punch by Reigns, but Rollins kicked out. Reigns went for the spear, but Rollins sidestepped that and turned it into a cradle. Rollins sprung off the ropes for a superkick. Rollins went to the top rope, but Reigns caught him with a right hand and tried a Samoan Drop, But Rollins flipped over, just like how he injured his knee against Kane in November 2015, and power bombed Reigns into the corner. But in a great spot, Reigns bounced off the turnbuckles and hit a Superman punch. Crowd jumped to its feet after that spot.

After both men were down for six seconds, Rollins rolled out of the ring. Reigns ran around, but Rollins threw him into the ring steps. Rollins hit a blockbuster for a near fall, then sprang back to the top rope for a frog splash in a good false finish. Rollins went for a Phoenix Splash (3rd time tonight), but Reigns move out of the way. Reigns went for a spear, but Rollins bounced away from him and went for the Rainmaker knee strike, but Reigns ducked and speared Rollins for the pin. Match of the night, which was’t easy after the three-way.

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