WWE Raw Results (11/11): NXT Invasion in the UK, Kabuki Warriors Defend, Seth Rollins Reveals Survivor Series Team

OCTOBER 11th, 2019


Becky Lynch says its good to be back in the U.K. where she trained, as the face of the company, but it is also getting harder, as the list of challengers gets longer and her matches are getting harder. Lynch says it isn’t lost on her that while she has been travelling the world, her opponents have been resting and getting better.

However, to that Lynch simply says bring them on. Lynch says that if Shayna Baszler, Bayley, or the Kabuki Warriors think she will stop fighting then they are wrong. Because that is what makes her The Man, and she is never going to stop making them better as the only thing she fears is not being the greatest.

It’s time for the action to begin as Becky Lynch starts off with Asuka as they lock-up and Lynch escapes Asuka’s submission attempt and acts cocky as she then catches Asuka with a forearm. However, she then does the exact same to Lynch, but The Man manages to knock down Asuka with a shoulder as she then kicks the champion around.

Lynch looks to bounce off the second rope to deliver a kick but Asuka has it scouted, kicking her in the ribs as Kairi Sane enters the match for the first time. Despite a strong start from Sane, a few hip tosses turn things around as Lynch then hits a suplex and brings in Charlotte Flair.

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The Queen immediately lights up Sane with several chops as Sane attempts to hit some of her own until Flair just drops her with a classic chop. Flair then goes to mock Asuka and that allows Kairi to lock in the sleeper hold, but Flair escapes by smashing her into the turnbuckles.

Eventually, Asuka is able to tag in and she catches Flair with a big kick but a sharp elbow from the Queen gets her back in control as Shayna Baszler makes her way to the ringside area. Flair and Asuka continue to brawl as Flair goes for a roll-up, but only gets a two-count.

Asuka smartly drops Flair head-first into the second turnbuckle and she follows it up with a sharp kick before stamping on her head. The Kabuki Warriors then hit a combination offence as they work together with several kicks and strikes.

The Tag Team Champions then hit a double suplex, but Flair continues to kick out, keeping the match alive, but Asuka is then able to lock in the Octopus Stretch, yet Flair powers through only for Asuka to then reverse with a pinfall attempt.

The Empress Of Tomorrow then manages to lock in the Asuka Lock, but somehow she powers out, standing up and hitting a great powerbomb, but Kairi breaks up the pinfall attempt and then drags Asuka to her for a tag, continuing to isolate Charlotte.

Flair gets herself out of the situation by throwing Sane into the turnbuckles and finally, the hot tag takes place as Lynch begins lighting up Asuka with kicks and strikes. Becky begins dominating both women, launching Sane across the ring as she hits a double dropkick from the top rope to each of them.

Baszler then hops up onto the apron, but then Bayley appears from nowhere and the two women brawl outside of the ring with Baszler getting the best of the situation as Asuka then gets a quick roll-up to retain the titles.

Winners: The Kabuki Warriors

Afterwards, Becky goes to talk trash to Shayna and Bayley attacks her from behind, launching her into the barricade for good measure.


Backstage Ricochet and Randy Orton are then shown arguing until The O.C. interrupt as they are screaming at Humberto Carrillo. AJ says he would love to challenge them to a three-on-two match but Ricochet is too busy with the Viper.

The trio says that if they can find someone to partner up, then they should bring it on, which leads to Orton returning to the mix. The Viper says that something tells him they won’t have to look very far.

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