WWE Raw Notes: Jordan & Hardy Backstage, Lesnar's Whereabouts, more

— Jason Jordan and Matt Hardy were both backstage at Raw last night, attending production meetings and helping with other aspects of the show. As reported recently, both wrestlers are being trained in that area of the business while their injury situations are re-evaluated.

— After Raw went off the air, Braun Strowman retrieved his Money in the Bank briefcase and walked to the back. The assumption is that since the bell never rang, Strowman’s still has the contract and will be able to cash it in at a later date.

— There was no post-Raw dark match even though WWE did advertise one. With the Shield/Strowman angle closing the show, WWE scrapped the match.

— Despite being advertised as being there, Brock Lesnar ended up not being scheduled for Raw and wasn’t even backstage at the show. Mike Johnson of PWInsider reports that Lesnar actually took a flight back home after Sunday’s SummerSlam.

— WWE announced that there are still some tickets left for tonight’s Smackdown Live in the same arena.

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