WWE NXT Results – August 9th, 2017

  Tonight’s NXT show featured a few different matches and angles that helped build towards their NXT Takeover show that will be airing next Saturday. We also saw the debut the Street Profits, but more importantly, the Metro Brothers. We’ll get to them later. For now let’s start… at the beginning. Sure, why not?
  Strangely enough, the show began with Nikki Cross just standing in the ring and waiting for someone to come out on the stage. After a few seconds went by, she was joined by Alexander Wolfe and Killian Dain. Paul Ellering and the Authors of Pain (great band name, by the way) came down to the ring. Akam managed to get into the ring, but Rezar was suddenly attacked be a returning Eric Young in the aisle. Young then took it upon himself to zip-tie Rezar to the guardrail. Young then got into the ring and his SAnitY teammates all took turns beating down Akam. Dain performed two sentons on the downed author. Young puts Akam in a submission maneuver as Paul Ellering helplessly watches at ringside.
  Rezar managed to drag his body and the entire guardrail over towards the ring. He began to climb into the ring, but he was overpowered by the other SAnitY members. Dain did a double footstomp onto the Rezar before Wolfe and Young gave Akam a double-team neckbreaker. Nikki reemerged from backstage and handed the NXT Tag Team Championships to Wolfe and Dain. The groups then posed with the titles as the Authors of Pain remained motionless on the mat.

  Following that, we are shown a recap video of last week’s encounter between Asuka and Ember Moon. For those who don’t remember, Moon hit the Eclipse on Asuka. The two of them will be having a contract signing for their NXT Takeover: Brooklyn match next week.
  Backstage, Peyton Royce and Billie Kay were about to produce a makeup tip video for all of us. Ruby Riot then walked down the hall and “ruined the shot.” The two Australians made fun of Ruby’s tattoo for a bit before cancelling their video altogether.
The Metro Brothers vs. The Street Profits –
  After watching vignette after vignette about swag and red solo cups, or whatever this team is suppose to be about, The Street Profits shows up here. Let’s not ignore the real stars here: Chris & JC Metro. These two men showed up dressed as greasers for some reason, and they wrestled in all of the gear (sans leather jacket, sadly.) I’m surprised that this gimmick hasn’t actually been done in recent years actually.

  In all seriousness, this was about the Profits. Angelo Dawkins and Montez Ford make up the team, and they both danced their way down to the ring to a decent reaction. It was mostly one-sided against the poor greasers. Dawkins started the match, but he and Ford hit some big moves together early on. After a punch to the stomach on Ford, the greasers briefly ran him into the corner and landed some more punches for the advantage. This would not last long though, because Ford did eventually make a comeback. He tagged in Dawkins who hit Chris with a spear. Ford was tagged back in and he performed a frog splash to win in their debuts. That match was totally bogus, greasers!
Winners: The Street Profits
  After last week’s show, Aleister Black was filmed leaving the building. I don’t know why exactly, but we sure are lucky that it was, because Hideo Itami sneak attacked him. Itami was dragged away by security guards. It was then announced that the two of them will be fighting each other at Takeover next weekend.

  William Regal appears in the ring to announce the competitors in the NXT Championship match at Takeover. Drew makes his way down, Bobby does later on, but he brings a team of security guards with him. To followup what Drew said a few weeks back about him believing that NXT belongs to him and that he feels entitled to everything, Roode admitted that he is entitled, but that’s because Roode doesn’t need second chances. Burn! Drew says that he feels pity for Roode because he thought that his “Glorious” persona was just an act, but he vowed to Claymore Kick the champion back to reality.
  Who should interrupt but Roderick Strong? He just won’t go away will he? Strong stood on the stage ranting like a lunatic as Regal warned him to head backstage. Regardless, Strong said that he is not done with Roode yet. Roddy says that it’s not about Brooklyn or the title anymore, it’s about Roode insulting his family and disrespecting him as a man. He challenges Roode to one more fight. This made Roode furious, he said that he would gladly fight Strong, he’d even put the title on the line. Strong wants a match? Roode will give him a match… after he goes through Drew first. You tease, you!
  Regal then reminds Roode that he is the one who makes the matches in NXT. Despite this, Drew suddenly insists that the match should happen. Bobby Roode then tries to explain that if “we are NXT,” then why can’t the match that people want to see happen? Roode manipulates the crowd into chanting for the match. This leads to Regal eventually giving the people what they want. Drew vs. Strong will be taking place next week. You all fell for it hook, line and sinker! Open your eyes, sheeple!
  Sorry, got a bit emotional right there. Anyway, Johnny Gargano was interviewed backstage and he reminded everybody of his match at the last Takeover show in Brooklyn. For the record, it was an incredible match with Tommaso Ciampa against The Revival. Give it a watch, if you haven’t seen it. 8/10 highly recommend! So Gargano said that he needs to be “Johnny Wrestling” again, and he wants to have a match at Takeover: Brooklyn.
Oney Lorcan vs. Danny Burch –
  In a rematch to their first match, Burch and Lorcan once again had an incredibly painful showdown. The last time that these two squared off, Lorcan got the win. Did he win again? Well…
  The match began with some intense collar and elbow tieups (and yes, they managed to make them feel intense.) For a while, both men would take turns exchanging lockups for a bit, then they began to trade European uppercuts for a bit. The early stages of the match here were deliberately designed to show how similar these two men are. Lorcan took control early, but then Burch got back into the match when he hit a missile dropkick. Burch then went for his Tower of London, but he ended up hitting Lorcan with a lariat instead for a close near fall.
  That didn’t stop him though, he immediately placed Lorcan’s feet onto the top rope and hit the Tower of London DDT for another two-count. Burch then just went to town on the poor guy. Chop after chop, strike after strike. It got to the point where Burch literally begged Lorcan to hit him. Lorcan decided to abide and he then went for a half-crab submission. Danny tried to fight out, but Lorcan got the Boston Crab locked in eventually. Burch was somehow able to counter this into a pinfall and he got the win.
  After the match, Burch extended his arm for a handshake. Oney actually refused to shake his hand at first, but Lorcan stopped himself before leaving the ring. Lorcan then decided to extend his hand for a handshake to which Burch accepted. They complimented each other for a bit in the ring, and Burch even held the ropes open for Lorcan as he made his way to the back. D’awwww! They’re getting along. Both men are now tied with wins over each other. No idea where they’re going with this, but they sure are fun to watch.
Winner: Danny Burch
Andrade “Cien” Almas vs. No Way Jose –
  It doesn’t stop there though! We still have one more match to go. No Way Jose created a conga line throughout Full Sail before the match began. Zelina Vega accompanied Almas to the ring. I believe that this is the first time, but I could be wrong.
  Jose took control of the match at the start. Remember when Almas lost all of his matches because he partied too hard. Vega was here to help set him straight. When Jose tossed Almas and he did his pose where he lays underneath the ropes, Vega pulled him out of the ring and scolded him like an angry mother. He gets back in the ring and begins to assert dominance over Jose. Jose went for a Fireman’s Carry, but Almas did the pose in-between the middle ropes. Jose kicked him down to the floor. Again, Vega did not approve of this.
  Almas then began to become a bit more aggressive in the ring. He punched Jose over and over again and he even hit double knees in the corner. After this, we could here Vega screaming and yelling instructions to Almas. She wanted him to finish Jose for good. Almas then picked up Jose and hit the Hammerlock DDT for the victory.
Winner: Andrade “Cien” Almas
  Following their win, Vega and Almas began to walk to the back. Vega then walked towards the announcer’s table and picked up a microphone to make an announcement. She put the NXT roster on notice that Almas is a force to be reckoned with. She then referenced Johnny Gargano’s challenge from earlier in the show. She said that Almas accepts his request to have a match at Takeover. Mauro Ranallo reminded the audience that Regal makes the matches in NXT, and nothing is official until he says so. Expect the match to be made official next week.
  That was this week’s edition of NXT! Burch/Lorcan was just as fun the second time. Definitely looking forward to seeing what happens there. Next week it big Ember Moon/Asuka contract signing. Roderick Strong and Drew McIntyre will fight each other next week. Could the Takeover main event become a triple threat match by chance? Doubt it, but we shall see. One more NXT show to go before the final Takeover event in Brooklyn next weekend. I’ll see you NXT time.

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