WWE NXT Results (7/11): Undisputed Era vs Mustache Mountain, Kairi Sane in Action & More

WWE NXT Results
July 11, 2018
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– Mauro Ranallo welcomes us to WWE NXT alongside Percy Watson and Nigel McGuinness, as the NXT North American Champion Adam Cole makes his way down to the ring to get things started.


Burch took the the champion down with a series of stiff tackles right out of the gate, before just leveling him with a brutal elbow strike that sent him flying out of the ring. Cole played possum on the floor and caught his opponent with a neckbreaker on the mats, then sent him hard into the steel steps to take control of the pace of the match. Cole rolled things back into the ring and stomped a mudhole in the corner, before driving his knees into Danny’s back, over and over again. Lots of basic, but effective offense from the champ.

After slowing things down with rest holds for several minutes, Cole made the big mistake of talking a little trash, telling his opponent that he’ll “never be like me” and that he’ll “never be a champion”. Burch fired up and connected with some right hands and elbows in the corner, before flying off the top rope with a missile dropkick. He locked in a crossface but the champion raked the eyes to escape, but ran straight into an absolutely wicked headbutt that hurt ME watching at home. Good lord.

Burch looked to put things away with the Tower of London (a hangman’s DDT from the top rope) but somehow Cole kicked out at two-and-a-half. He hammered away with clubbing blows to the back and went for a Brainbuster, but the champ struggled out and hit a superkick, followed by the Ushigoroshi for a close nearfall. A frustrated NXT champion connected with a second superkick from out of the corner, followed by yet another Ushigoroshi. He started mumbling “you can’t beat me” and “nobody can beat me” before connecting with a devastating Shining Wizard to the back of the head. 1…2…3.

Winner: Adam Cole


They showed footage of Candice LeRae outside of the Performance Center, talking about the incredible talent coming up in the NXT women’s roster. She ran into Shayna Baszler who told her to “stick to being a cute little trophy wife” and Candice slapped the champion across the face. The started brawling around and a whole host of developmental stars and trainers came out to separate them.


Dakota Kai was interviewed about her recent string of wins, but was interrupted by Lacey Evans, who was in a full on 1920s style outfit, complete with ridiculous hat. She basically claimed that NXT didn’t need someone like Kai because she wasn’t a real woman, and Kai told her to put up or shut up in the ring.

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