WWE NXT Live Event Results (5/16/15) – Albany, NY

Thanks to rajah.com reader Mike Colon for sending these in!

Very Hot Crowd and it got hotter as the night went on

Blake and Murphy Def. Enzo and Big Cass by pin fall. Very hot opening, crowd was
very into Enzo and Cass, One of the dub step boys pinned Enzo with his feet in the

Salmon Crowe Def Bull Dempsey. Bull bullied the enter match, Crowe got the cone from
behind Submission win.

The Perfect 10 Tye Dillinger Def Jason Jordan.
Tye Dillinger with his New Perfect 10 Gimmick tonight at NXT Albany was priceless!
It was pretty fantastic. I’ve never seen someone go from heel during their entrance
to babyface by the time the bell rang, this crowd loved it! Very loud “10” chants
during the match. This is Something that may keep Dillinger Alive and not future
endeavored or a jobber to the stars.

Sasha Banks Def Charlotte Via Submission.
This was the best Match of the night! The NXT Divas put on much better matches the.
The main Roster Divas!

Baron Corbin Def Tommy Dreamer Via pin fall.
The place MARK’d out for Dreamer.
Very loud Pop

Bayley and Alexa Bliss def Becky Lynch and Dana Broke.
Once again, these divas prove they are no bathroom break. The crowd was Very Hot for

Main Event:
Kevin Owens Def Tyler Breeze and Finn Balor in a triple threat match.
Very Entertaining match. Owens and Breeze made a lot of comedic parts with their
“TeamWork” which was a chant during this match.
Owens hit Cenas 5 knuckle shuffle which got the biggest reaction of the night.
Awesome spot, breeze goes to Suplex Owens off the top rope but is stopped by Balor,
Balor puts Breeze on his Shoulders Teasing a Dooms day Device with Owens still on
the top rope. Breeze breaks free and hits Balor with the Superkick only to get hit
with a pele kick from Balor as he was falling and Owens comes out of no where with a
swanton bomb for a 2 count.
Breeze ended up taking the pin fall.

Two interesting things, during Breezes entrance, the music cut and it sounded like
blown speakers, Balor came out with No music, only the roar of the crowd. The end of
the match, Balor cut a John Cena like Promo to the fans.

I give this Show a Perfect 10 and it was much better than sitting through 3 hours of
Mike Colon

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