WWE NXT Live Event Results (5/13/16) – Spokane, WA

Thanks to rajah.com reader Justin Pfliger for sending this in!

Small crowd. Most of the upper seats were empty.

No Way Jose def Elias Sampson by pin following his finisher. Lots of rest holds countered into other rest holds. Jose was very over. A lot of “work those hips” chants.

Mojo Rawley def Blake by pin following his finisher. Mojo got a big response, I still don’t see it.

Bayley def Nia Jax by a roll up. Very good match, Nia tossed Bayley all over the place but couldn’t put her away. Very physical match.

Finn Balor and Nakamura def the Revival by pin following Balor hitting them with the double foot stomp when they were stacked up. Nakamura was very over and played to the reactions perfectly. Little sad he didn’t do more in the ring. Great match.

Intermission followed by Regal coming out and thanking the fans.

Asuka def Alexa Bliss by submission. Match was good but not great. They just seemed a little off. Huge reaction for Asuka and lots of really strong moments.

American Alpha def Tino Sabatelli and Tucker Knight by pin following their finisher. Jordan was crazy over with the live crowd. Tino and Tucker had some good spots but need some work. They got confused on a double team spot near the finish and just stood in the ring staring at each other for about 10 seconds before redoing the spot semi successfully.

Main event Samoa Joe def Austin Aries by pin following the Muscle Buster. Solid match, Aries hit a 450 splash but Joe got a foot in the ropes.

The shop was selling retro looking event posters signed by all the competitors for the show for 50. I think it’s amazing. Of those listed above only Sampson, Blake and William Regal didn’t sign it.

Great event overall, hopefully the small crowds don’t keep them from traveling more

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