WWE/NJPW Clarification, Dean Ambrose Update, Prospects of the Rock at WrestleMania 35

— Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson has signed on for the movie “Red Notice” that begins shooting in April of 2019. The date is important because it pretty much makes it impossible that he will be wrestling in any capacity at WrestleMania 35 though many believe he may have already wrestled his last match years ago. Due to insurance reasons related to his movie projects, Johnson is not cleared to wrestle as any potential injury would jeopardize the movie and cost millions.

— In a clarification on an earlier news post about Triple H saying that WWE would be open to the idea of working with NJPW, he actually didn’t specifically confirm anything like that but said that WWE would be open to working with any promotion. Some UK media outlets took that as an affirmative that WWE would work with NJPW but it sounds more like a neutral answer that one would expect as a response to that sort of question.

— Dean Ambrose was spotted at the WWE Performance Center rehabbing his surgically repaired triceps. It is unknown if Ambrose was simply undergoing physical therapy or if he was working out in the ring but the original timetable for his return was around 9 months, so he would still be about three months away if that schedule remains accurate.

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