WWE News: Why Was the Goldberg/Lesnar Match So Short, More on Goldberg's Status

– The reason the Brock Lesnar vs. Bill Goldberg match was so short is not because of Goldberg’s multiple nagging injuries, as many have speculated online. Instead, when the decision was made earlier in the week to have Goldberg stay with WWE for at least one more event, WWE decided to book the match in order to keep Goldberg “over” – similar to how he was booked during his tenture with WCW.

– As reported earlier, the decision was made to extend Goldberg’s deal with WWE and prolong his storyline with Brock Lesnar. According to backstage reports, Lesnar himself was one of the biggest supporters of continuining the program as he saw there was money to be made given the great reactions that Goldberg was generating.

– The speculation is that Goldberg will definitely be participating at Royal Rumble and there is a good chance he will stick around for WrestleMania 33 as well. He is also rumored to be on tonight’s Raw.

Source: Wrestling Observer Radio

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