WWE News: Update on Wrestlemania 31/32 Locations, Austin's Potential Return

– The front running cities for Wrestlemania 31 are expected to be Santa Clara, CA and Philadelphia, PA with a decision coming shortly. Philadelphia has already made its presentation with Santa Clara to present this week. While the decision will be made soon, it will be kept secret (as best as possible) before being officially announced early next year.

– The two main cities being considered for Wrestleamania in 2016 are Dallas, TX and Orlando, FL.

– If Steve Austin can get medically cleared to wrestle again, a very preliminary working idea is to have him face Triple H at next year’s Wrestlemania with Austin representing Vince McMahon. If that is where creative goes, expect Triple H to turn heel later this year as Austin would no doubt return as a babyface.

Source: Wrestling Observer Newsletter. Subscription information & prices available @ f4wonline.com

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