WWE Live Event Results (9/20/14) – Huntsville, AL

Thanks to rajah.com reader Joe C. for sending in these results!

It was advertised as Roman Reigns vs Seth Rollins but due to Reigns having
emergency Hernia surgery earlier in the day, the Main Event was now changed
to Big Show vs Seth Rollins.

1) Dolph Ziggler defeated The Miz with the Zig Zag to retain the
Intercontinental Championship. This match went over 20 minutes and the crowd
was really into it behind Dolph.

2)Sami Zayn defeated Tyler Breeze after the Helluva Kick. Both guys are NXT
Talent and most of the people didn’t seem to know who they were because there
wasn’t much reaction.

3) Mark Henry defeated Rusev via DQ after a chair shot. Lana did her usual
pre match heel promo but was interrupted by Henry who was way over with USA

4) R-Truth defeated Bo Dallas with the Lie Detector. Truth grabbed the mic
before the match plugging the WWE Network.

– Damien Mizdown came out and bashed Alabama for a bit then claimed there
was no one in the back brave enough to face him tonight. Sandow demanded the
ref to count to 10 but IC Champion Dolph Ziggler ran back out, immediately
hits him with a Super Kick for the win. There was a Lot of comedic selling by
Sandow afterwards. I actually think it was originally suppose to be Big Show
vs Sandow but with Show replacing Reigns, they had the this segment replace
that match.

5)Brie Bella, Naomi & Emma defeated Nikki Bella, Cameron and Eva Marie when
Brie pinned Eva after the Sit Down Face Buster. Lots of YES! chants
throughout the match.

6) Big Show pinned Seth Rollins after a Chokeslam the Main Event. This was
a good match with near falls. Show ended the night to a big pop. This could
be a warm up for the PPV tomorrow Night if Ambrose doesn’t return to wrestle

– Overall a good show but with lots of Network plugging throughout the
night. It was a good warm up right before Night Of Champions. I thought There
was a chance that Ambrose would return to take on Rollins tonight once I read
Reigns would be out. I figured it would be Big Show though anyway because he
was the only other big name that was advertised for the card with Dolph vs
Miz for IC Title and Henry vs Rusev was already announced. At Night Of
Champions it might be either Ambrose vs Rollins or Show vs Rollins. It would
be cool to see Rollins cash in but I don’t think it will happen just yet.

Biggest Pops: Big Show
Mark Henry
Brie Bella

Biggest Heat: Rusev

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