WWE Diva Reportedly Asked To Lose Weight, Update On Tiffany, Creative Relieved

— During Tuesday’s episode of Wrestling Observer Live on www.f4wonline.com, it was said that WWE Diva Rosa Mendes was told by management to slim down. Reportedly, she took the comment to heart and has dropped weight in recent weeks.

— Howard Finkel pointed out in his latest blog on the WWE Universe site that ECW General Manager Tiffany has dropped the “Interim” label from her title.

Click here to read his blog examining the revamped ECW. He feels the length of “The Abraham Washington Show” should be shortened up a bit, but thinks the young star has promise.

— After a grueling work schedule the past few weeks involving formatting a three-hour Raw, an episode of Raw without commercials, a pay-per-view, and two weeks worth of television within a few days, the creative team was relieved to finally get some time off following Wednesday’s SmackDown/ECW taping in Bakersfield, California. Furthermore, the production crew was thrilled to have the next eleven days off. Both creative and production had been burned out in recent weeks, to say the least. (source: www.f4wonline.com)

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