WWE Announces "State of the State" to Take Place Tonight on Miz TV

— WWE has announced that Shane McMahon will be the guest on Miz TV tonight on Smackdown Live to address the brand’s lackluster showing at the recently completed Survivor Series in a “State of the State.” Reports suggest that the whitewash by Raw is going to plant the seeds of some sort of heel turn for Shane, who has already promised “changes” that he didn’t elaborate on.

Team Blue is not doing well after being swept by Raw in the battle for brand supremacy at Survivor Series on Sunday night. Just how does SmackDown LIVE’s leadership plan to move the brand forward?

That’s what The Miz is hoping to find out when he hosts Shane McMahon to get the “State of the State” tonight on “Miz TV.” What will Shane McMahon have to say as Team Blue looks to move past the stunning outcome of Sunday night?

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