WWE 205 Live Results (4/30): Colombus, Ohio

Vignette promo from Cruiserweight champion Tony Nese. He says that he’s been fighting to be the best in the division since the first day he came to the WWE. He says that just because he’s the champion now, that won’t stop him from competing at his highest level. He calls out his old rival Drew Gulak as they prepare to battle on tonight’s episode.

Drew Gulak responds to Nese with a promo of his own. He says that his mission to create a safer 205 Live is still not complete, before promising to make Nese tap out.

Intro song.

Vic Joseph, Nigel McGuiness, David Otunga, and Aiden English welcome us to another edition of 205 Live. They hype the evening’s main event…the showdown between Drew Gulak and Tony Nese in a non-title matchup.

Lucha House Party make their way to the ring for opening tag team action. It’s Gran Metalik and Lince Dorado competing, as Kalisto is apparently off doing charity work elsewhere. They’ll be facing…the Singh Brothers! Samir gets on the microphone and says that they are back, and are the only undefeated team in 205 Live history. (It’s true…they won their first matchup on 205 Live…which was also 205’s debut episode.)

Lucha House Party versus Singh Brothers

Lucha House Party starts strong with Dorado and Metalik showing off their incredible athleticism, especially Metalik who lives up to his “King of the ropes” moniker, which keeps Samir and Sunil off balance. The Singh’s take control of the action by wearing down Dorado after a tandem double-team attack. They keep wearing him down and keep him away from Metalik, thwarting several hot-tag attempts. Dorado is able to land an elbow onto Sunil, then sends Samir into the turnbuckles with an Irish-Whip. Metalik gets pulled off the apron by Sunil, but Dorado makes him pay with a handspring stunner.

Metalik comes in on fire, taking out both the Singhs with his normal arsenal of high-risk maneuvers. Eventually the action breaks down and all four men end up in the ring. Stereo superkicks from the Singhs onto Metalik. Lucha House Party is able to isolate the brothers away from each other…Metalik with a rope-walking elbow drop, followed by a shooting star press, which nets the Lucha House Party the win.

Lucha House Party wins by pinfall

Backstage Drake Maverick congratulates Humberto Carrillo on his victory over Drew Gulak on last week’s episode. Maverick tells Carrillo to avoid Gulak for the future. Carrillo says he plans on focusing on his life without Gulak’s help. Jack Gallagher strolls up. He says that he wont’ be medically cleared for two weeks, but that in two weeks WWE will be in London, and he hopes Maverick keeps him in mind for that event. He then addresses Carrillo, saying he wishes no ill-will onto the luchadore from their past quarrels, and that he and Gulak have unfinished business.

Commercial for tomorrow’s NXT, where KUSHIDA makes his debut!

Brian Kendrick is on his way out for the next match of the night. Mike Kanellis comes out of nowhere and attacks Kendrick on the entrance path!

He stomps Kendrick down. Akira Tozawa runs out to make the save! He and Kanellis brawl up the ramp toward ringside. Several referees and Drake Maverick run out to pull them apart.

Commentary reminds us that Ariya Daivari is the new number one contender for the cruiserweight champion. Daivari cuts a promo, stating that he still hasn’t been beaten in 2019. Daivari warns Tony Nese that Drew Gulak is going to tear him apart tonight limb from limb, and he looks forward to picking up the pieces towards becoming the new cruiserweight champion.

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Akira Tozawa versus Mike Kanellis is announced for next week in a no-disqualification match!

Main event time! Drew Gulak makes his way to the ring first. The champ is out second. Here we go.

Drew Gulak versus Tony Nese non-title match

Tie-up. Gulak with a wristlock. He muscles Nese to the ground. Nese responds with an arm-drag. Knuckle-lock…Gulak rolls Nese up…Nese reverses the pin…quick sequence of counters…stalemate. Second tie-up. Gulak forces Nese into the corner, then hits him with a cheap shot to the chest. Nese comes right back with a four-hit combo that sends Gulak to the outside. Nese to the apron…carthwheel and palm-strike in succession. Back in the ring…twisting tope con hilo from the champ! He throws Gulak in for a pin…two count. Fight spills back to the outside, where Gulak smashes Nese sternum first into the ring.

Back in the ring, Gulak takes Nese down with a hip-toss, then locks in a submission. Nese gets to his feet and surprises Gulak with a huge knee. He sets him up for his finisher but Gulak has it scouted and rolls to the apron. Nese follows him…both men on the apron…strikes back and forth…Gulak powerslams Nese onto the apron! Gulak now in control!

Gulak wears the champ down with his normal methodical offense. Gutbuster by Gulak with a pin…Nese kicks out. Guillotine applied…Nese places Gulak onto the top ropes…he jumps up…frankensteiner off the top! Comeback sequence from Nese. Spinning heel kick, followed by his signature springboard moonsault. Gulak escapes the pin attempt, so Nese goes for a suplex. Gulak shifts his weight and transitions into the Gu-lock! Nese blocks it…they both tumple over the top ropes and hit the arena floor hard. Ref begins the count…Nese breaks it. He slams Gulak’s head off the apron, then tosses him into the barricade. Vertical suplex from the champion onto the outside. He tosses Gulak back into the ring. Gulak with another Gu-Lock attempt…Nese escapes…rollup from Gulak! Kickout! Nese with some fancy footwork…pumphandle driver! Another kickout. Both men are down!

Gulak and Nese end up on the top rope…Gulak captures Nese in a firemans carry…top rope gutbuster!!! Gulak slaps Nese repeatedly in the face. That wakes Nese up, who unloads a series of strikes, including a running forearm. Nese climbs…450 splash misses! Gulak immediately applies the Gu-lock! He’s right in the center…somehow Nese rolls through and gets to his feet. Release German suplex from Nese sends Gulak into the corner. He goes for the Running Nese…HUGE LARIAT by Gulak nearly wins it! Gulak goes for a powerbomb…Nese rolls through…another German send Gulak into the turnbuckles. Running Nese. Got em!

Tony Nese wins by pinfall

Tony Nese celebrates, while Drew Gulak walks up the ramp looking distraught after another loss. Ariya Daivari watches from backstage as Nese stands tall.

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