WWE 205 Live Results (01/16): The Zo Train Takes On Goldust

Vic Joseph and Nigel McGuinness welcome us to the show and previews Cedric Alexander’s “Golden Opportunity” with Goldust.
We start right away with the first match of the night.
Gran Metalik vs. TJP: TJP goes for a pin seconds into the match, but only a one count. TJP dodges Metalik attempting a flipping maneuver. TJP eventually gets sent to the outside and Metalik hits a moonsault off the top ropes down to the floor. TJP gets tossed back into the ring and Metalik goes for a pin, but only a two count. Metalik goes for a flying back elbow, but gets dropkicked in the back by TJP. TJP pounds away at Metalik and body slams him out to the apron. Metalik heads up top, but TJP is able to drop him and TJP puts him in a tree of woe. TJP goes for a baseball slide, but Metalik moves and TJP hits the post. Metalik heads up top again and hits the cross body. Metalik hits a big kick on TJP, then hits the sling blade. Metalik walks the ropes and nails another dropkick to TJP and goes for a pin, but only a two count. TJP recovers and lifts Metalik from behind. Metalik counters with a roll-up and gets the 1-2-3. Winner: Gran Metalik

We head backstage where we see TJP launching a bunch of stuff in frustration. Dasha Fuentes catches up to him and asks him if he’s crying. He says no and walks away.
We get a pre-taped backstage promo from Gentleman Jack Gallagher. He says that he has been tortured by what Hideo Itami did to The Brian Kendrick. With his partner out, he is now the man with a plan and it is very simple, the attack could come from anywhere, but one thing is for sure and that is he is going to make Itami regret ever coming to 205 Live.
Cedric Alexander and Goldust makes their way down to the ring for Alexander’s “Golden Opportunity.” Goldust says that at the Royal Rumble the film will roll on a new champion when Alexander defeats Enzo Amore. Alexander thanks Goldust for not only being a good mentor, but a friend. The entire Zo Train comes out. Enzo says that the Zo Train are a bunch of good fellas and Cedric and Goldust are just acting all buddy, buddy. Enzo also says that he will be a bigger star than either guy in the ring. Goldust and Enzo trade some awful taunts, then Enzo tells him to shut up and Goldust tells him to come into the ring and make him.
Enzo hobbles to the ring and says that he will make Goldust famous. He gets to ringside and changes his mind. He says that the only way to get to the director is to get through three members of the Zo Train. Goldust says 3-on-1 against him? He’s got this.

Goldust vs. Drew Gulak, Tony Nese, and Ariya Daivari (3-on-1 Handicap match): Goldust and Gulak start things off. Goldust is able to use his size and get the best of Gulak early on. Daivari gets the tag, but Goldust hits the atomic drop to him right away that slows him down. Goldust hits another atomic drop and hammers away at Daivari’s face in the corner. The numbers game finally get the best of Goldust as Daivari attacks from behind. Each member of the Zo Train goes in to try and impress Enzo, but they start bickering and Goldust takes advantage momentarily. The Zo Train are showing some cracks as Goldust gets some momentum against Gulak. Goldust throws Gulak into the corner and hits the spinning power slam and goes for the pin, but it gets broken up. Nese sends Goldust to the floor and goes for a fosbury flop, but hits Daivari. Alexander hits Enzo, who is yelling at his guys. Goldust hits the final cut on Gulak for the 1-2-3. Winner: Goldust
After the match, Goldust and Cedric Alexander celebrates as the show comes to a close.

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