Will Ospreay Comments On PROGRESS Return, Jodie Marsh Wants To Be A Wrestler, PCW Tag Tournament Announcement

Will Ospreay returned to PROGRESS Wrestling yesterday at its Chapter 60: Unboxing show as a surprise opponent for the PROGRESS Championship against current champion, Travis Banks.

Ospreay was defeated in his return match, but he took to Twitter to state how he needed that match and gave some major praise to Banks as a wrestler, claiming he sets the standard in the UK.

2 Era.’s 1 Love.
@travis_banks13 is the standard in the UK. Either work to raise the bar he set. Or quit. Simple

Happy to be home. I needed that.
Thank you so much Progress pic.twitter.com/EWHLD39HYR

— ウィル・オスプレイ (@WillOspreay) December 30, 2017

Jodie Marsh Wants To Become A Wrestler

English celebrity and model, Jodie Marsh attended the PROGRESS show yesterday, and following the event she took to Twitter to announce she wants to become a wrestler herself.

So I went to my first ever wrestling show today! It was @ThisIs_Progress and I loved it. I’ve decided I want to be a female wrestler but I need to be a red head again and I shall call myself simply “Red” ❤️💪🏼 pic.twitter.com/hFd3vHhQho

— Jodie Marsh (@JodieMarsh) December 30, 2017

PCW Tag Team Tournament Announcement

UK independent company, Preston City Wrestling announced the first tag team that will be taking part in its ‘Road To Glory’ show next year, with the UK Hooligans being revealed as competitors in the tournament.

Kicking off the tag tournament announcements with the return of the UK Hooligans! pic.twitter.com/pYqreMZlx5

— PCW UK WRESTLING (@PCW_UK) December 30, 2017

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