Which Wrestlers Are Talking With GFW?, Eric Bischoff/GFW Update

Global Force Wrestling has reportedly been reaching out to a number of wrestlers in recent weeks.

GFW founder Jeff Jarrett is apparently going after signed talents that have their deals with Ring Of Honor or TNA expiring soon, as well as unsigned talents.

The biggest name that GFW has reportedly reached out to is Roderick Strong, however there are rumors of talks with Team 3D, Chris Masters and Shelton Benjamin as well.

Jarrett has Sonjay Dutt and Scott D’Amore working on the office side of things for the promotion, and Dutt has been the one calling most of the aforementioned talents.

Regarding the offers to talents, the Wrestling Observer Newsletter is reporting that Jarrett has been offering the possibility of working 39 dates with the promotion.

As far as the rumors of Eric Bischoff being part of the promotion, Jarrett is denying these claims. Regarding Bischoff, Jarrett stated, “If GFW and BHE (Bischoff-Hervey Enterprises) are going to work together, we will not announce it at a Q&A in the U.K. They obviously heard what they wanted to hear.”

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