What Happened After RAW Went Off The Air (Live Report)

Thanks to reader James Beckwith for sending in this live report from last night’s WWE RAW from Nashville. If you attend a live WWE show, send in your live reports to SEScoops@gmail.com.

– Raw was a virtual sellout including the upper decks. The only area tarped off was near the hard camera and that is normal for television tapings.

– I don’t know how it came across on TV, but the crowd was hot and had high energy for most of the night. John Cena was way over with this crowd. I’m talking close to Austin/Rock levels. They popped every time his image was on the Titantron and for every time he came out in the arena.

– The crowd chanted huge for Cena during the Batista beat down of Bret Hart.

After RAW Went Off The Air:

– I believe that Cena came running out after Raw went off the air. Batista and McMahon bailed and returned to the back immediately. Eventually, Bret got to his feet and made his way to the back as well. Then, the locally advertised main event took place. It was John Cena vs. Sheamus for the WWE title.

– John Cena beat WWE champion Sheamus via DQ, Sheamus retained the WWE Title. I expected an extremely short match or a Dusty Finish, but Sheamus and Cena put on a good 10-15 minute match. It ended when Cena had Sheamus in the STF and Batista ran in and broke the hold causing the DQ. Batista then went on an extended beat down of Cena with Sheamus incapacitated on the outside.

– Batista beat Cena with the ringside steps and then put the steps in the ring. He set up the Batista Bomb on the steps in the ring (which I expected Cena to power out of since they weren’t on television) and he powerbombed Cena onto the steps in a wicked looking spot. No comeback for Cena against Batista. Finally, Sheamus came back in the ring and stood over Cena while holding up the WWE Title. When he stepped away, Cena popped to his feet and gave Sheamus the Attitude Adjustment to send the crowd home happy.

Lots of Cena’s new shirt in the crowd and tons of glowsticks. WWE is making a fortune off those glowsticks.

Biggest Pops
– Anything Cena
– Triple H
– Edge after he speared Sheamus.

Most Heat:
– Edge before spearing Sheamus
– Mr. McMahon
– Sheamus
– Batista

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