WATCH: Mark Henry On WWE Helping Saudi Arabia Advancements, Mojo Rawley Calls Greatest Rumble a ‘Game Changer’

WWE Hall of Famer Mark Henry, along with WWE star Mojo Rawley, are currently in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia, ahead of this week’s Greatest Royal Rumble event taking place this Friday at the King Abdullah Sports City Stadium.

In the exclusive interview clip above, Henry and Rawley talk about their experience in Jeddah leading up to this week’s big event, and below are some interview highlights. Be sure to join for complete, LIVE coverage of WWE Greatest Royal Rumble on Friday, April 27th at 12pm EST.

Mark Henry on returning to Saudi Arabia for WWE’s Greatest Royal Rumble:

“It’s not my first time in Saudi Arabia. I’ve been to Riyadh twice. I’m happy to be able to come to Jeddah and see the culture here. Because even though it’s the same country, it’s so far apart that the people are different. And you want to see everybody.

“I think that it’s good for WWE, it’s good for Saudi Arabia, it’s good for the¬†advancement of the people, because there’s so many different changes going on right now in Saudi Arabia, and I think we could be helpful.”

Mojo Rawley on his Arabic background and visiting Jeddah for the first time:

“This is my first time, especially in historic Jeddah, and it’s just awesome to be able to learn about the culture, and how everything has progressed over the years.”

Rawley on finding out about the Greatest Royal Rumble taking place in Saudi Arabia:

“I found out online, and I just got really excited. My family is Arab, and anytime I get an opportunity to come back through this part of the world, it’s almost like a reunion, like a homecoming.

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“To have Greatest Royal Rumble here, this is gonna be a huge event, this is gonna be a game changer. I just couldn’t be more excited about it. It’s gonna be fantastic.”

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