WATCH: Aleister Black Returns to WWE NXT Demanding the Truth About His Attacker

After two months on the injured list, former NXT Champion Aleister Black finally made his highly anticipated return to Wednesday nights, crashing this week’s WWE NXT main event between Nikki Cross and the undefeated Bianca Belair.

Cross has been a bit more unhinged than her usual insane self in recent weeks, freaking out nearly everyone on the black-and-yellow brand’s roster by roaming the backstage halls incessantly muttering “I know! I know!”, claiming to know some sort of huge secret.

NXT General Manager William Regal has been leading an investigation into Black’s mysterious attack for more than a month now, and turned up “security footage” of Cross observing the entire assault from a nearby rooftop. This week, Black returned to confront Cross, who seemingly whispered her “secret” into his ear. The show “faded to black” with the former champion looking absolutely furious. Check out the footage below.

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