Warrior Appearance Irks WWE, Brooke Hogan Approached By Playboy, Heyman

SLAM! Wrestling has an article on Ultimate Warrior’s autograph signing on Sunday in which he dressed up in his traditional Warrior ring gear. As noted earlier, the event took place at the Marriott hotel in Uniondale, NY, right next to the venue of WWE’s Great American Bash pay-per-view held later that same day. Bruno Lauer, probably best known as former WWF manager Harvey Wippleman, who now works as a road agent, arrived and hung up a cease and desist letter from World Wrestling Entertainment, so even fans could read it. WWE feels that Warrior is just using the attention and good name of World Wrestling Entertainment to attract fans to his signing. They also noted the belt Warrior was advertised to pose with in pictures with fans. They believe the belt is their “intellectual property” and he is not allowed to pose or even market himself posing with it. Warrior posed with a WWF belt, which appears to be an original belt he wore inside the ring in the Nineties because it’s gold and has yellow leather. Of course, WWE doesn’t own the terms “WWF” anymore, not to mention that the belt is his personal property, so he’s free to do whatever he wants with it. Warrior ignored WWE’s cease and desist letter and signed autographs for everyone who came. “The event seemed to have run pretty well as far as a fan’s point of few is concerned. This event will be remembered for a long time by all of the Warrior fans who attended,” the article noted. {Warrior appearance irks WWE, pleases fans}

The New York Daily News has an article confirming the rumors of Brooke Hogan being approached by Playboy. Brooke’s publicist told the Daily News today that she has been approached to pose nude for the famous men’s magazine. The publicist said she didn’t say no. “No decision has been made at this time,” her rep said. {Brooke Hogan … future Playboy Bunny?}

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