Vince & Stephanie McMahon To Be Deposed In Concussion Lawsuit Today

Vince McMahon is scheduled to be deposed in the lawsuit filed against WWE by former wrestlers Big Vito LoGrasso and Evan Singleton on Friday.

In addition to the WWE Chairman, Stephanie McMahon, Dr. Chris Amann and Christopher Nowinski, who heads up the Concussion Legacy Foundation, are also scheduled to be deposed today.

Triple H and Dr. Joseph Maroon, another WWE doctor, were already deposed for the case last Friday, May 20th.

WWE argued against Stephanie McMahon being included in the deposition, as they had already made other employees available. The judge, however, made the following ruling:

“WWE made Levesque available previously to testify before Congress on issues related to the safety of its wrestlers. Although the Court rejected Plaintiff’s fraudulent misrepresentation claims on the basis of that testimony, WWE has not demonstrated that Levesque is not an appropriate deponent on the issues of whether WWE had a duty, and whether that duty was breached, to disclose knowledge of long term health risks caused by repeated head trauma. The parties are ordered to work cooperatively to schedule a deposition based on the witness’ availability, which may be conducted up to fourteen days after the current discovery deadline.”

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