Vince McMahon's Faux Paux On ESPN, Michelle McCool Interview, Miz Visits Europe

— Michelle McCool’s official website, MichelleMcCool.Net, is celebrating their fourth anniversary online with a brand-new launch and an exclusive interview with the Diva herself! Here’s a preview of the website’s 6th exclusive:

MichelleMcCool.Net: What are some of your goals that you would like to achieve inside/outside of the WWE in 2009?

Michelle McCool: Become the first ever Divas and Women’s Champion! Outside of the ring, I want to use this platform I’ve been given to make a positive impact on other’s lives. I know that’s broad, but there are so many ways to do this I couldn?t begin to name them all.

MM.Net: Out of all the current Divas/Superstars, who would you consider are your closest friends?

MM: Current ones….I can’t even begin to name all of them. There are a bunch of the ‘guys’ who I really consider brothers to me….MVP & Chavo being two of them; I’m also very close to Vickie G. (maybe I can see if she can pull some strings for me).

MM.Net: Let’s say you had a blonde moment and left your carry on in the airport terminal. Someone comes up and takes it. Being the nosy person most people are today, what are some of the things one might find inside?

MM: Let’s see….some very stinky ring gear, a book of inspirational quotes, some pictures of family and friends, wrestling boots, some type of hoodie or sweatshirt (because I’m always cold) & my iPod.

To read the rest of this whimsical and flamboyant interview, and to view an interview archive with Michelle McCool, be sure to head on over to MichelleMcCool.Net.

— As seen last night during his interview with ESPNews, Vince McMahon inadvertently referred to WWE as the “World Wrestling Federation.” You can see the mistake at the following link.

— posted images from The Miz’s promotional tour through Europe last week. You can see the images here.

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