Viewership for This Week’s Episode of Impact Wrestling Rises Up

Viewership for this week’s episode of Impact Wrestling rises up by generating an average of 309,000 viewers from last week’s 276,000 viewers. This is the best number going back to the August 17th, 2017 episode which drew 320,000 viewers. This week’s episode featured Rosemary defeating KC Spinelli in the last match on the POP TV broadcast. This week’s show also featured a closing segment that had the open to the Barbed Wire Massacre match, which immediately aired on Impact’s Twitch channel after the POP broadcast ended.
This week’s Impact Wrestling ranked #136 on the Cable Top 150 this week. Last week’s show also ranked #136. The NBA topped the night with two games that drew more than 2.5 million viewers combined.
Below is the viewership numbers for the rest of 2018:

January 4th Episode: 309,000 viewers
January 11th Episode: 276,000 viewers
January 18th Episode: 309,000 viewers

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