Video: Steve Austin Talks About The CM Punk Situation On Arsenio Hall

“Stone Cold Steve Austin appeared on The Arsenio Hall show this week and was asked about the news of CM Punk walking out on WWE.

When asked if he thinks it’s the real deal or a storyline, Austin said, “word on the street is that it’s real.”

He talked about his own experience “taking his ball and going home” when he was frustrated with WWE and commented on whether he thinks Punk will be back.

Austin discussed WWE Network being a great value, the Attitude Era, a new project he’s working on and his podcast.

Earlier in the week, UFC President Dana White appeared on the show and called Vince McMahon a “maniac.” When asked about his take on Vince’s way of doing things, Austin agreed. “Yeah, he’s a maniac,” Austin confirmed. “With all due respect, McMahon is a different animal. Crazy as hell, but I mean that in a good way.”

Here’s the video:

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