Video: Enzo Amore Explains His Side Of Airplane Vaping Incident

Former WWE Superstar Enzo Amore (Real1) spoke with the folks from TMZ Sports to discuss his side of the story regarding the vaping incident that led to him being kicked off of a Delta airlines flight in New York.

“I believe that was a slight aberration, it was a slight aberration,” Enzo said when asked what happened. “I’ll tell you what happened. A guy in street clothes came up to me and he said, ‘Are you vaping?’ And I’m no snitch. Somebody’s vaping around me and I’m not saying who it was. Guy comes to me, he’s in street clothes, stands over me like he’s some sort of f–king honcho.”

Amore continued, “So I said to the guy, ‘Are you a federal air Marshall?’ He said, ‘Mind your own business.’ I said, ‘I asked you a question – are you a federal air Marshall?’ And he said no. So I said, ‘In that case, you can go sit the f–k down.’ It turns out he was a flight attendant undercover. So they let me slide though, they got me on the next flight. I ain’t mad at them, I ain’t mad at them.”

Check out the complete Enzo Amore interview with TMZ Sports below.

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  • VIDEO: Enzo Amore Kicked Off Airplane In New York Following Vaping Incident

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