Video: Becky Lynch Teases Partnership With Sami Zayn For WWE Mixed Match Challenge

Becky Lynch tweeted out the following video on Monday, commenting on WWE’s “Mixed Match Challenge” series on Facebook. In the video below, Lynch explores a possible partnership with Sami Zayn. She said,

“Many a great option, many a great option, but there’s one person coming to mind and that is Sami Zayn. Now Sami you and I have been on very similar paths, we were on the independant circuit together, we were wrestling in front of crowds of eleven people in Italy when were just teenagers, we made our Wrestlemania debut together, but recently I have to say that I haven’t been the greatest fan of your actions but I can still see the good in you Sami, and together we can be the Mixed Match Champions of the world, and wouldn’t that be some straight fire.”

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