Vickie Guerrero Dubbed "Queen Of Cougars," Candice Michelle Logo, Hardy Paint

— WWE’s official website has an article dubbing SmackDown General manager Vickie Guerrero a “cougar” due to her relationship with the younger Edge. The article compares Guerrero to Demi Moore and Halle Beery because they’re two independent and influential women who have dated “younger, virile men.” However, the article says that none of those “female predators” compare to Vickie Guerrero, “the Queen of Cougardom.” You can read the article at this link. For the record, Vickie Guerrero is 39 years old and Edge is 34.

— Candice Michelle has posted a new blog on at this link. Several times over, Candice talks about “defining beauty.” There’s also an image of what appears to be her logo in the blog. The insignia reads: “Candice Michelle – Defining Beauty.”

— Jerry “The King” Lawler discussed the “WrestleManiArt” event that is scheduled to take place during WrestleMania weekend in Orlando in this interview with the Daytona Beach News-Journal. “It’s the official kickoff to WrestleMania week,” Lawler said. “Jeff Hardy will (likely) be painting live at the event. We’re trying to get as many WWE superstars to produce something, even if it’s just a doodle.”I’m a huge fan of Disney artwork, of DC Comics artwork, and a lot of that stuff will be on display. That’s how I got involved with wrestling—I drew caricatures of wrestlers and sent it in to a TV show.”

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