Update On Vickie Managing Swagger, Sin Cara Has A Mo-Hawk? Mark Henry

– As previously reported, the original Sin Cara returned to action at last night’s WWE SmackDown! live event in Tacoma, Washington, defeating Tyson Kidd with his ‘Spanish Fly’ move. One fan in attendance noted that it looked as if Cara had a blond mo-hawk under the mask.

– Mark Henry won a battle royal on Friday’s SmackDown to become the #1 contender to Randy Orton’s World Heavyweight Title. WWE has not yet announced whether the match will take place at Night of Champions or an upcoming episode of SmackDown.

– The WWE website has an interview up with Jack Swagger, who confronted Vickie Guerrero on RAW and asked her to manage hi along with Dolph Ziggler. Swagger told WWE.com:

“I think Vickie Guerrero has proven herself to be very valuable. She is a very influential person with General Managers and execs and higher-ups, so bringing her clout along with my All-American abilities and World Championship talent, it could be amazing. Will Jack Swagger make it there again without her? Absolutely. Will he make it there faster with her? Definitely.”

* Recent Pictures Of BATISTA Looking VERY Skinny

(Partial Source: WWE.com)

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