Update On Sin Cara’s Suspension, CM Punk On The Radio, Ventura

— Regarding Sin Cara’s suspension from WWE for violating the company’s Wellness policy, reports are now coming out that Sin Cara’s violation came back on June 20th – almost a month ago. WWE Spokesperson Robert Zimmerman was contacted at the time by Mike Johnson of PWInsider.com and responded with:

“As per our Talent Wellness Program policy if there is a violation the company will make the necessary announcement.”

That announcement was delayed until today.

There was a lot of heat on Sin Cara for failing the test, as he had been promoted heavily as Triple H’s first major international hire in his new position. It’s unknown whether he was working unpaid, which the company used to do while they wrote suspended workers out, or whether he be paid royalties for his appearance at the Money in the Bank pay-per-view.

As noted earlier, it’s possible they may not bring him back.

— During today’s BS Report hosted by ESPN’s Bill Simmons, he and Rob Stone were discussing the Money in the Bank PPV. Bill announced that CM Punk has been booked for their show later this week. We’ll keep you posted when we get the official date.

— According to Alex Jones and prisonplanet.com, WWE Hall of Famer Jesse Ventura’s controversial “Conspiracy Theory” has been picked up for a third season, despite the former Minnesota Governor’s insistence he won’t fly unless a federal court rules that TSA ceases to grope him at airports. Ventura will still host “Conspiracy Theory” from a war room and offer his opinions and perspectives, but will not fly to investigate cases and interview sources. The third season will also feature his son Tyrel as a reporter, as well as Oliver Stone’s son Shawn.

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