Update on Reason Why WWE Booked Mahal vs. Styles for WWE Title

It was previously reported that WWE could have several reason why they booked Jinder Mahal to go against AJ Styles for The WWE Title for next week’s episode of SmackDown Live.
If Styles ends up winning the title, it was first reported that a possible reason could be because of Jinder Mahal’s shoulder injury. Jinder’s shoulder injury is worse than it was reported and it will be a way to get the title off of him. According to recent reports, another possible reason is due to WWE’s concern that the upcoming champion vs. champion match at Survivor Series between Mahal and Brock Lesnar will end up being a disaster whereas a Styles vs. Lesnar match would be a big-time match that fans will want to see.
If the title does not change hands on SmackDown, it was previously reported that the match was most likely booked as a panic move in reaction to SmackDown’s low rating for this week’s show and that The WWE would be wanting to push a big title match in order to help the viewership increase for next week’s show.

As previously reported, it is unknown what will happen to the previously scheduled Styles vs. Rusev match, where the winner will be part of The Men’s SmackDown Live Survivor Series Team.


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