Update On Josh Mathews Replacing Mike Tenay, Major TNA Cost-Cutting Expected

As reported earlier this week, longtime TNA announcer Mike Tenay is expected to be replaced by former WWE broadcast team member Josh Mathews once the company officially launches on Destination America in January.

Internally, the move has been expected for a while, as Tenay lives in Las Vegas, Nevada, and has to be flown to TNA events while Mathews is based out of TNA Headquarters in Nashville, Tennessee.

For those wondering, Tenay is expected to remain employed by TNA and will be used on television in a different capacity.

Regarding TNA’s new television deal with Destination America, it is said that TNA now has less money to work with in their company budget and some additional cost-cutting measures are expected to be taking place in the near future.

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(Credit: PWInsider.com)

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