Uniqlo Is Selling $2 Jeans and $10 Cashmere Right Now! How Have You Not Started Shopping?

You already loved Uniqlo for providing you with the world’s best basics at ridiculous, are-you-sure-this-is-real prices. But they aren’t satisfied just to sell you all the under-$100 cashmere you could ever want. Today, they’re having a ridiculous clearance, and the under-$10 selection alone is worth a visit. We’re talking $4 leggings, $10 lined pants, $6 cashmere hats and yep, $2 jeans. There are items from their famous and beloved insulated Heattech line (yes, under $10) and adorable graphic tees from their collaborations with Pixar and Keith Haring. You can stock up for next winter (you can always use another pair of touchscreen-friendly gloves!) or just indulge your leggings addiction (at this price, why not get four pairs?). But we’ll be honest with you, the longer that you read this, the lower the stock’s going to get, so we strongly recommend you get shopping right now. Below are some fun finds to get you started, or you can just click here and go nuts.

Courtesy Uniqlo

Buy It! Uniqlo cropped lambswool sweater, $5.90; uniqlo.com

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Buy It! Uniqlo cashmere beanie, $5.90; uniqlo.com

Buy It! Uniqlo Heattech knitted gloves, $5.90; uniqlo.com

Buy It! Uniqlo leggings, $3.90; uniqlo.com

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