Ultimate Warrior Responds To Fraud Allegations, MITB DVD Cover

— The official DVD cover art has been released for WWE’s recent Money in the Bank pay-per-view. Click the thumbnail below to see the full size:

— The Ultimate Warrior has responded to recent allegations of scamming a sports memorabilia collector out of nearly $40,000 with the following statement:

“Earlier this week, Mr Christopher Elias used TMZ.com and the Santa Fe County Sheriff’s Department in an apparent effort to gain publicity for himself at the expense of professional wrestling legend The Ultimate Warrior. The matter that has arisen between Warrior and Mr Elias is in relation to a simple contractual dispute, the facts of which will speak for themselves.”

“Mr Elias’s allegations of criminal fraud are completely unfounded, ill-advised and unfortunate. This is a purely civil matter that is in the process of being resolved by our attorney.”

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