Trish Stratus Says Bully Ray Almost Inducted Her Into WWE Hall Of Fame, More

Former WWE Diva Trish Stratus recently spoke with Slam! Wrestling and revealed that Bully Ray was one of the people considered as the person who would induct her into the WWE Hall Of Fame.

“I think fans would be surprised to know that Bubba Ray Dudley [TNA’s Bully Ray] was on the list,” said Trish. “He’s on it because he was kind of giving me a trust/tough love when I first came in. But once I proved myself to him, he really opened up and was really kind and giving and would advise me on a lot of things.”

Stratus continued, “So when we finally worked together, once he saw that I was willing to take the table and I used to tell him: ‘Don’t protect me, don’t go easy on me, I just want to do it and do it good and make the fans proud,’ and he appreciated that. So we’ve became really close friends and we had a great relationship and he really helped me a lot.”

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