Triple H Weighs In On Each Of The 6 Elimination Chamber Participants

Triple H’s weekly sit down meeting with Michael Cole is now online, with the WWE COO talking about Sunday’s Elimination Chamber pay-per-view and analyzing each of the 6 chamber match participants.

Hunter said that WWE World Heavyweight champion Randy Orton is dangerous because he’s been in several Elimination Chamber matches already. John Cena’s mantra of “Hustle, Loyalty, Respect” will be put to the test. Cesaro is at a “different playing level” than just a few weks ago, while Sheamus “enjoys the physicality” of the Chamber and Christian is desperate with nothing to lose. He said added that Daniel Bryan is not 100 percent, which allows the audience to get behind him as the underdog.

He said The Authority is prepared to anoint the Chamber winner the “Face of WWE.” When Cole asked, “Even if it’s not Orton?” Hunter responded, “Yes!” and did Daniel Bryan’s hand motion.

Here’s the video:

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