Triple H Talks About A Future Without John Cena

Here are highlights from Triple H’s weekly sitdown interview with Michael Cole:

– Triple H said Randy Orton giving an RKO will be “dealt with internally.” He said cooler heads will prevail and The Authority has it under control.

– He talked about John Cena starting to struggle after 12 years and said after a certain point, it gets harder every year to compete at the highest level. The beating he suffered at the hands of Brock Lesnar at SummerSlam wouldn’t have happened 5 years ago and life would be a lot easier for John Cena if he had help from The Authority. There’s a world coming that does not include John Cena and it’s called “the future.”

– He said the WWE locker room hitting the ring at the end of RAW was their own doing and he did not send anybody to the ring. He questioned whether those men want to be friends with Cena or if they’re hungry to be part of the future. The reiterated that the WWE locker room is full of guys dying to be part of the future that The Authority is creating.

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