Tons More Past Stars Backstage, Former ECW Champ Working Dark Match, Bret

sources:, Wrestling Observer Newsletter

— There are tons of names from the past currently backstage at Raw. Past stars backstage include the Mean Street Posse, Scotty 2 Hotty, Marty Jannetty, Gillberg, Ted DiBiase, Barry Darsow, Steve Blackman, Jim Neidhart, Gangrel, 2 Cold Scorpio, Mae Young and even Bastion Booger. Some of the past stars will be working the gimmick battle royal later tonight and others will simply make cameo appearances.

— Former ECW World Champion Steve Corino is currently backstage at the Raw in Bridgeport, CT. He is slated to work a dark match tonight, likely under a mask, against a returning DH Smith. Corino appears to be in the process of trying out as a road agent for the company as well. Corino announced earlier in the year that he planned on leaving the ring at the end of 2007.

— Bret Hart’s book is still holding up well in sales as it was ranked No. 7 on this past week.

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