Tonight’s WWE Raw Preview: Names Possibly Returning, ‘Undersiege’ Follow Up, Coverage and More

Tonight, this week’s edition of WWE Raw is airing live from The Royal Farms Arena in Baltimore, Maryland.

No matches have been announced for tonight, but the show will feature fallout from last week’s “Undersiege” invasion by the Smackdown roster.

More names are also expected to be revealed for the 5 on 5 elimination matches taking place at WWE Survivor Series.

While nothing has been announced, Braun Strowman is being advertised for Raw tonight so it’s possible he could be making his WWE TV return. Additionally, we reported yesterday that Nia Jax is expected to be backstage at Raw today so it’s possible she could be making her TV return as well. is hyping the following story line points for tonight:

-How will Raw respond to #UnderSiege?
-Who will join the Raw Men and Women’s Traditional Survivor Series Teams?
-Will the current Raw titleholders still be in place for their Champion vs. Champion Matches at Survivor Series?
-Will Elias still be singing a new tune?
-Who will be next to dare to step up to Kane?

Be sure to join us tonight at 8pm EST for complete, LIVE coverage of WWE Raw!

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