TONIGHT: #PeoplesSOTU to Counter Trump Agenda and Amplify the Resistance

High-profile progressives will host the People’s State of the Union on Monday evening, a day before President Donald Trump gives his own address to a joint session of Congress on his policy agenda.

The People’s SOTU will be held in New York and will be available to stream live starting at 8:00pm EST.

With a focus on mobilizing anti-Trump Americans ahead of the 2018 midterm elections and raising awareness about threats to voters’ rights, actors and activists including Mark Ruffalo, Whoopi Goldberg, and Michael Moore will join, United We Dream, Indivisible, and other progressive groups to “celebrate the remarkable growth and success of the Resistance movement and outline a plan of action for the coming year,” according to the event’s Facebook page.

“This night is meant to be inspiring and empowering to all the people across this country that care about the state of this country and want to see it change,” Julie Walsh, the campaign director for We Stand United, told People last week. “We’re all going to work together across all different movements to make sure that we win back Congress in 2018 and hold this president in check.”

In an interview with Buzzfeed News‘ “AM to DM,” Ruffalo ackowledged the active involvement of groups that work towards a wide variety of progressive causes, finding common ground within the Trump Resistance.


“What I’ve seen is an enormous amount of engagement from all different sectors and this kind of intersectionality where movements that would, in the past, not normally be working together are all coming together,” he said.

Some of the participating groups promoted the event on social media on Monday, highlighting the progressive causes that will be addressed.

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