TNA Impact Wrestling "Hardcore Justice" Results – August 15, 2013

TNA Impact Wrestling on SpikeTV
Aired on tape delay from Norfolk, Virginia.
Results by Chris Shore of

[Q1] The recap video covered the World Championship picture…The show opened with introductions for the ladder match…

1. Austin Aries vs. AJ Styles vs. Jeff Hardy vs. Kazarian in a ladder match for 20 points in the BFG series. Kazarian immediately went for a ladder on the ramp. Aries jumped over the top rope and hit him with a forearm. Everyone ended up diving on each other into the first break…[C]

[Q2] Back from commercial, one ladder stood in the ring and Kazarian brought a second one in and set it beside the first. All four men climbed up on a side. Aries hit a powerbomb on Hardy from the top of the ladder. Holy shit! Kaz knocked Styled down, but Styles knocked the ladder out from under Kaz. Styles set a ladder in the corner and Aries hit a dropkick on him into the ladder.

Aries climbed the ladder, but Kaz stopped him. Aries kicked him away and Styles grabbed Aries in a powerbomb lift, only to turn it into a Clash setup. Before he could hit it, Kazarian ran over and hit a Mic Check type move on Styles at the same time. Later, Hardy and Styles were on the ladder and Aries missile dropkicked the ladder. Aries and Styles climbed the ladder next, and Hardy pushed it over so that Aries landed on the ladder in the corner. Dear God.

Christopher Daniels and Bobby Roode walked out and watched the match. Hardy started to climb the ladder and Daniels distracted the ref as Roode ran in and pulled Hardy off. Hardy hit a kick on Roode and started to climb again. Kaz took Daniels’s appletini and threw it in Hardy’s eyes. Hardy sold it like he had been shot. Kaz knocked him from the apron and grabbed the contract for the win…

Kazarian won the ladder match to earn 20 points in the BFG series.

The announce team hyped the main event…The Main Event Mafia was shown walking backstage…[C]

Backstage, IQG asked Chris Sabin how you prepare yourself for a cage match with Bully Ray. Sabin said he remembered when Ray and Devon put a guy through a flaming table with thumbtacks. He said he wasn’t taking him lightly, but Ray better not take him lightly. He said nobody thought he could beat Ray, but he beat him twice and he would beat him again.

In the ring, Dixie Carter joined the MEM in the ring. She announced that Kurt Angle had entered rehab and that he was still there and his return date was unknown. She said Angle had her support and the support of the men in the ring. She said she wanted all the fans to support him too and the fans cheered.

Aces and Eights music hit and they got crazy heat. They climbed in the ring and Anderson cut a promo saying they only had one week to find a replacement. He went through what people would say for each man in MEM if he was the one pinned. He said all of those were potential futures.

[Q3] Magnus took the mic and said Anderson needs to worry about his immediate future because that was Magnus punching him in the mouth. He got the crowd chanting “You suck” at Anderson and said Norfolk was Mafia country, so if they couldn’t find someone in the back to join them, they could find someone in the crowd and that meant someone from Aces and Eights was getting a pink slip.

Anderson gave him the “Oh yeah?” treatment and then said he needed to take a head count. He counted both sides and then punched Magnus. They beat down the MEM and left them lying…Backstage, the Knockouts were shown heading toward the ring and Tito Ortiz was shown arriving…[C]

Mickie James and Gail Kim were in the ring. ODB started her entrance and Mickie ran out. ODB shoved her down and climbed in the ring to start the match…

2. Mickie James vs. Gail Kim vs. ODB in a triple threat hardcore match. ODB beat down both women and first and started to do her gimmick where she rubs a woman into her crotch in the corner, but Mickie pulled her off. Mickie grabbed a chair and she and Kim fought over it. Kim ended up with the chair, but ODB knocked her down so Mickie hit ODB with the chair. Both women covered ODB but she kicked out. Mickie tried to roll up Kim and then knocked her to the floor.

ODB tackled Mickie again. Kim dragged ODB from the ring and slammed her on the floor. Mickie ran over and kicked Kim to knock her down. Mickie grabbed a kendo stick and beat the hell out of ODB. She tried to choke her in the corner, but ODB flipped her over and took the stick. She hit Mickie and a returning Kim before taking her bra off and choking both women.

[Q5] Mickie finally stopped ODB, but she and Kim argued. ODB spit her flask in the face of Mickie. She put the chair in the ring and hit the ODB Bam on Kim on the chair for the win…

ODB defeated Gail Kim and Mickie James in a triple threat hardcore match at 6:45.

Backstage, Sting said he was happy for Angle but it left them vulnerable. He said they had to find a fifth. Joe told him to be careful because their careers were on the line. Sting said he had no choice. He said he knew everyone hated him, but he was going to talk to Austin Aries because they need him…[C]

Backstage, Sting tried to talk Aries into joining them based on their mutual hate of the Aces and Eights and Bully Ray. Aries tried to blow him off and Sting said they didn’t need to be friend to make it work, but they needed him. Aries repeated the line while looking at the floor…

A video recapped how Kaz won the ladder match. Backstage, IQG asked Roode if his plan was coming together. Roode said timing was everything. He said joining with Kaz and Daniels was brilliant. He said he had 20 points on the line tonight and when he won them he would slingshot into second place…

Back in the MEM locker room, Rampage asked the other two about Aries and they said they didn’t trust him. Sting walked in and said Aries said no. Rampage said he had to take care of someone in the ring and headed out with Joe on his heels…During the commercial break, Joe and Rampage were shown walking backstage and Rampage said we all knew who he was going to call out…[C]

[Q5] My cable had a temporary seizure, and when it came back, Rampage was in the ring with Joe and called out Tito Ortiz. Ortiz came to the ring and Rampage said he knew they had a fight in November, and he knew Tito was going to try and ground and pound him and he was going to try and knock Tito out. He said they could battle then, but they were friends and he wanted Tito to join them against Aces and Eights.

Tito asked him if he was serious. Rampage said they had a chance to make history and tried to talk Tito up. Tito said he came to TNA and Bellator to make history and looked like he was going to accept. Before he could, Bully Ray’s music cut them off and he walked out on the ramp. Ray said if he didn’t have to win his title back tonight he would slap the piss out of both of them. My cable cracked up again and Anderson was making his entrance when it came back…[C]

Roode started to make his ring entrance. Magnus ran out and attacked him to start the match…

[Q6] 3. Samoa Joe vs. Magnus vs. Anderson vs. Bobby Roode in a tables match for 20 points in the BFG series. A table was set in the corner quickly and Roode tried to whip Magnus into it, but Joe tackled Magnus to save him. Anderson ran in and attacked Joe and lifted him on his shoulders, but Magnus kicked Anderson to knock him down. All four men ended up in the ring and the MEM took out both heels. Both men tried to put a heel through the table, but the heels fought back and everyone spilled to the floor.

Joe hit Roode in the nuts with the bell hammer a couple of times. Anderson and Magnus teased putting each other through a table on the floor from the ramp, but they ended up on the other side of the ring. Joe came over and knocked Anderson into a chair on the floor and hit his running kick. In the ring, Magnus tried to put Roode through the table, but Roode escaped and hit a spine buster as Anderson and Joe fought their way back into the ring.

The heels beat the MEM into the corners and made a weird alliance from shoving each other. They tried to whip the babyfaces together, but Magnus reversed and Joe hit a clothesline on Roode and then dove on him on the floor. Anderson hit the Mic Check in the ring. Joe ran in and tried to hit a muscle buster through the table on Anderson, but Roode moved the table and dumped Joe to the floor as Anderson rolled to the floor.

Roode put Magnus on a table and climbed to the top. Joe recovered and stopped Roode. Kazarian ran out and grabbed Joe’s leg. He kept Joe distracted as Daniels threw the appletini in Magnus’s face. Magnus sold it like Hardy and Roode powerbombed him through the table to win…[C]

Bobby Roode won the tables match to earn 20 points in the BFG series at 10:19.

[Q6] The ring crew was shown putting the cage together… Backstage, IQG asked Sting about Tito and Sting rambled for a moment about not knowing what Tito was going to do, but he was going to be an asset no matter where he went. He said he thought it would work and Tito would join them…[C]

One commercial later, Anderson walked backstage and Ray said, “That went well.” Anderson took offense and asked if Bully could do better. They argued back and forth and Ray asked if his crew was behind him. Anderson screamed that was all they were trying to do is help him. He said they weren’t his enemies. Ray said maybe, but the sure didn’t feel like allies. Bully made his ring entrance as Tenay wondered whether he was afraid he couldn’t beat Sabin…[C]

Sabin made his entrance and Jeremy Borash had old school ring entrances…

4. Bully Ray vs. Chris Sabin in a cage match for the TNA Heavyweight Championship. Sabin started fast and hit a dropkick on a seated Bully in the corner. Bully tried to throw him into the cage, but Sabin landed on the rope and hit a crossbody for one. He climbed the rope again, but Ray caught him and gorilla press slammed Sabin into the cage…[C]

[Q8] Ray continued to gorilla slam Sabin into the cage and then dared Sabin to hit him. Sabin threw a couple of punches, but Ray head-butted him and hit an elbow drop for two. Ray continued to methodically take Sabin apart until he went for a powerbomb and Sabin flipped over into a sleeper hold. Ray ran backwards into the corner, but Sabin caught his breath and hit a tornado DDT.

Sabin started his comeback and hit an AA after ripping Ray’s cut off. He whipped Ray with his own cut and played to the fans. He started to charge at Ray in the corner, but Ray hit a big boot for two. Ray hit Sabin with the cut and tried to escape by climbing out of the cage. Sabin caught him and they fought on the top. Sabin went for a ranna, but they botched it and Ray landed on his face, but sold his left arm.

Sabin went for his finisher, but Ray reversed into a suplex. Ray had the ref open the door and tried to leave but Sabin stopped him. They fought around the door and Ray lifted Sabin. Sabin accidentally kicked the ref, and then Ray accidentally smashed the ref into the cage. Sabin took out Bully with a missile dropkick and covered, but the ref was out.

Sabin tried to leave the cage, but Anderson ran out and slammed the door. He yelled, “You may not pass” to Sabin who tried to kick the door open. Rampage and Tito ran out and Rampage dumped Anderson to the floor. Tito pulled out the hammer and hit Rampage. Sabin looked on confused while Bully recovered and hit the Bully Bomb for the pinfall victory. Ray, Anderson, and Tito celebrated to close the show…

Bully Ray won the TNA World Championship by pinfall over Chis Sabin at 18:03.

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