TNA Impact Video Game Sales Not Good, Sting Not Doing House Shows, TNA-UFC

sources: Wrestling Observer Newsletter,

— TNA’s “iMPACT!” video game release has not been nearly as successful as initially hoped. Midway Games lost double what they expected during the third quarter. The company projected losses of $34 million, but now expect to lose $64 million in the quarter. Midway hoped the TNA video game would help save the quarter. Midway canceled two licenses, but spared TNA for the time being. It’s being said that sales for the TNA “iMPACT!” video game have not been good at all and the feeling is that if sales continue to disappoint during the holiday season, there will be no future TNA video game releases from Midway. Even if the game sells well during the holiday season, it won’t matter if the company goes out of business. posted an article with a headline reading “Midway Games Fighting for Its Life,” which you can read at the following link.

— For anyone wondering, reigning TNA World Heavyweight Champion Sting won’t be working any house shows as champion. Sting strictly works Impact tapings and pay-per-view events.

— TNA and UFC will be holding shows in the same city on the same date on January 17, 2009 in Dublin, Ireland. UFC will running an event at the O2 Arena whereas TNA will be a few miles away at the National Stadium. TNA added a second show in Dublin because ticket sales for the first one did so well.

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